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Everyday Krista and I are baffled at what has become the Stay Fit Mom community.  While early on we committed to serving every single woman that took a chance on us, we had no idea the slew of inspirational mamas that would come our way.  We are honored to bring these women our very best efforts with honesty and vulnerability, because that’s exactly what they bring to our community daily!

When people ask why our program has had such success we can’t respond without first attempting to explain the community.  In a word, magic. And while I could go on and on about the community, I thought I’d let you hear from some Ninjas themselves. 

Exclusive macro counting group with Stay Fit Mom.
Exclusive macro counting group with Stay Fit Mom.
Exclusive macro counting group with Stay Fit Mom.

Krista and I are always looking for ways to improve and bring Stay Fit Mom more. Thus, Ninja Insider was born.  Ninja Insider is an opportunity to experience the community and some of the amazing perks Stay Fit Mom has to offer first hand.  

What is Ninja Insider?

Every week in the exclusive ninja facebook group get access to…

  1. Challenges that promote healthy habits through nutrition and exercise.
  2. An exclusive recipe with all macros included.
  3. Weekly live SOS videos that cover topics on weight loss, macros, exercise, mindset, mom life and more!
  4. Exclusive discounts on retreats, cookbooks, challenges, and more.
  5. Get the SFM 6 Week at Home Workout Program FREE.
  6. Get the SFM Monthly Dinner Meal Plan FREE every single month.
  7. Access to SFM staff for FAQ
  8. Access to the inspirational SFM community.

(does not include one-on-one coaching)

Exclusive macro counting group with Stay Fit Mom.

Who is Ninja Insider for?

Ninja Insider is available to anyone, but it’s especially a great option if…

  •  You’re not ready to jump into one-on-one coaching, but you’d like a taste of the community and exclusive perks.
  • You’ve had a macro coach in the past, but not quite ready to navigate completely on your own.
  • You have your macros set and you’re willing to adjust them on your own while being accountable to other ninjas.
  • You’ve hit your weight loss goals and moved on to maintenance, but you don’t want to fall back into old habits and could use the extra motivation to stay committed. 
  • Want access to the very best content from Stay Fit Mom FIRST.

How do you join Ninja Insider?

Click HERE.  There are two options for purchase. 12.99/month or an annual membership for $99/year.  Upon purchase you’ll be sent over the link to the exclusive ninja Facebook group. 

We hope you’ll join us for an amazing Ninja Insider experience!  Staying focused on your goals is so much easier when you’re in the trenches together! 

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    1. Hi Laura,
      In order to utilize the ninja insider benefits to the max you’ll want to create a FB account. We’ve had clients do this solely for the purpose of accessing ninja insider perks. You’ll be emailed Monthly Macro Meals each month, however the other Ninja insider benefits (community support, weekly live video, FAQ video archive, 6 week at home workout program) you can only access within the FB group.