Staying On Track with Your Nutrition Through the Holiday Season

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Happy Thanksmas! Thanksgiving is fast approaching and pictures of Christmas trees are already showing up on social media. I love this time of year! Family get togethers, parties, cozy fires, turkeys, pies, and all the sides! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It can also be the most challenging time of the year when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for staying on track with Macro Counting through the Holiday season.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are anything like me your calendar is already filling up with holiday activities. You have worked so hard this year to achieve your goals and you may be feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to continue these healthy habits while also enjoy all the festivities. Here are 10 ways to stay on track this holiday season, while still enjoying the food and fun. 

1.  Have a plan! Look ahead at your week and write down your special activities and goals for the week. For example, you have a dinner and Christmas concert on Friday night with friends and family.  Make a plan to hit your macros Monday thru Thursday. Friday track your food for the day. Keep your regular routine for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Enjoy the night out with friends and family. Eat, drink, and be merry. Plan to get right back on track Saturday and Sunday! 

2.  It’s ok to say “no thank you.” You are at work and coworkers are constantly bringing goodies to the office. Bring your own snacks and politely say, “No, thank you.” Having a plan for each day will help. If you have a plan and bring your own food you will be less likely to be tempted and get derailed.  If saying no is hard for you, just avoid the break room all together. This goes back to #1…look ahead at your week and figure out what is worth it and what is not. 

3.  Choose whole foods. This one is pretty easy for Thanksgiving. Turkey, roasted veggies, and baked potatoes. Say you have 2 Thanksgivings to go to during the week and you don’t want to blow 2 days. Eat the whole foods and enjoy a piece of pie. Whole foods are easily tracked and will enable you to stick to your plan. This also applies if you are going to a party or a dinner and want to stay on track.

4.  Take a healthy choice. If you are going to a party or Thanksgiving dinner, take a dish you can share and will help you stay on track. A beautiful bowl of fruit is always welcomed and is a sweet treat to substitute for dessert. You could also make a Stay Fit Mom recipe to share with friends and family. 

5.  Plan your workouts for the week. The weeks get so busy and our daily exercise can get pushed to the side. Not only is exercise good for our bodies, but it also helps with stress and anxiety. Holidays are wonderful, but honestly they are also stressful and can make our schedules chaotic. Go for a walk with your family, plan to do a 5K Turkey Trot or Santa run. It will be good for your body and mind. 

6.  Rest! Keep your nightly routine and be sure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep. Again, it can be a stressful time of year. Don’t forget to take care of your body with plenty of rest.

7.  Track your food! Even though it’s the holidays, keep tracking what you are eating. This helps you to be mindful of what you are consuming. We can get in the mindset that “oh it’s a holiday week and I can eat whatever I want and it won’t count.” That’s a lie! Track your week and take a day off for the holiday. That way you won’t be totally shocked when you step on the scale Monday. 

8.  Limit sweets. Sugar can wreak havoc on your body. This time of year is full of cookies, cinnamon rolls, pies, and bread. Plan the treats into your day while tracking your macros. On Thanksgiving and Christmas enjoy and then be done with the treats unless you have them planned in your numbers. Oh, and remember…the calories count when licking the bowl and spoon as well! 

9.  Be realistic with your goals. Even if you are hitting your numbers, if you splurge a day or two during your holiday festivities don’t be upset if the scale moves in the wrong direction. It’s ok. This is a special time of year that should be enjoyed. This is life and your diet and exercise should be sustainable.  If you can’t take a little break and enjoy the fun of the season you are missing out. January will be here before you know it and you will be setting goals for your 2020. This is not me saying you should go wild and eat all the things. This is me saying do your best, be mindful of your body, but do it while making lasting memories with your family and friends. 

10. Enjoy the day! Thanksgiving and Christmas are two days out of the year. Have fun, make memories, and do not track your food!! Do not feel guilt or shame. Do not apologize or talk about how much you are eating. Just be present and enjoy the wonderful gifts you have been given…your family and friends! 

Tips for staying on track with Macro Counting through the Holiday season.

Happy Holidays to you and your family from the Stay Fit Mom team!! If you need some extra motivation to stay consistent during the Holiday Season, our FREE 25 Days of Macros accountability Challenge is happening soon! Let’s all work together during the toughest time of year to crush our goals and stay on track with our nutrition and fitness goals!

25 days of Macros Accountability Challenge coming soon!

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