Macros Aren’t For Me

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The bottom line is our nutrition program isn’t for everyone. It’s extremely effective and produces incredible results, but it’s not easy.  Weighing, measuring, and logging your food intake can seem burdensome and overwhelming to many.  It takes patience, consistency, and surrendering instant gratification.  Hearing “eat more” and “let’s focus on building up your muscle mass,” and “ignore the scale…” from a nutrition coach is something few women have ever experienced and frankly feels counter-intuitive.  YET…

Despite all of the adversity, the Stay Fit Mom nutrition program has been home to hundreds of mamas who do it anyway.  Why?  We asked them and here is just a small glimpse into a few of our women’s responses.

“I searched and searched for some method that would give me the appropriate balance for my goals and activity level and never found anything. To find something that gives me balance without being in a severe deficit and doesn’t leave me feeling empty has been amazing. I have so much more energy and the food freedom has alleviated so much stress around food. It has brought back a lot enjoyment for me to enjoy eating, splurge if I want, but to also make good choices. Most important is the sustainability. Tracking seems overwhelming at the beginning, but eventually it becomes so easy- I can plan my day within minutes now! It keeps me accountable and feeling successful while getting results I’ve never gotten before. The results prove themselves. It’s well worth the hard work!” – Mindy

“I was starving, feeling deprived, and completely stuck at a certain body weight and composition. Then along came macros. Not only do I have the structure of how to eat healthy I also have the flexibility to eat what I want too. At first it does seem overwhelming, but in no time at all you just know what you need to get you to the macros you have. I have never felt better about myself. I don’t rely on the scale to tell me how I look and feel. I have WAY more muscle. If you have an off day, it’s easy to jump back in and know that not all is lost. And most importantly it is something I CAN do for the rest of my life. This is the only thing that has really clicked for me when it comes to actually changing your lifestyle. I’m not looking for that end goal of when I can quit and start eating again. I also love that it works whether you exercise or not. I love to exercise, but some people really don’t and it works for us all! Oh and CARBS. How can a program be wrong when you can feel this good and eat lots of carbs!” – Heather

“I started because, when I hit 40, it seemed like the running and watching calories stopped working and I packed on a lot of weight. I was so confused and discouraged! Then I overheard a friend talking about doing one of the Macro groups with StayFitMom and I hopped on board. that was last April 30th. I am still with it because as long as you are accountable to yourself, it’s easy and, more importantly, it works! No magic pills. Just food…just about any food….no deprivation either! The support from the other members of the group is so uplifting. It’s very rewarding and everyone is on the same team. Sharing tips and tricks and new ideas for macro friendly anything makes it even better! I NEVER saw real results with exercise and calorie counting but Macros is science and facts and it totally works!” – Marnia

“Even though it’s a lot of work, tracking macros gives me control over food rather than food controlling me. It’s like money budgeting: I’m telling my calories where to go (more or less). I’m making a plan so that the day and circumstances don’t control me. 

Tracking macros is hard, but it also allows freedom. Nothing is truly off limits.” – Jennifer

“I could never stick to elimination diets (Atkins , paleo …) I craved carbs and quite frankly I believe our body needs them. With macros I feel like I am eating a healthy balance of foods while I can still enjoy a treat. And I eat about 500 calories more than I was eating before macros !! Nothing is off limits. That’s what has allowed me to stick to this when I’ve never stuck to any other “diet.” – Teresa

 “I love being able to eat all the yummy foods guilt free. Worth every second of the 5-10 minutes a day it takes me to log my food considering i use to feel guilty for hours before if I ate anything “unhealthy”. Despite all my recent anaphylactic attacks, suppressed immune system, chronic anemia and other health issues counting macros has allowed me to properly fuel my body while gaining the MOST energy and strength I have ever had. 18 months of macro counting the longest I have ever stuck with a plan because it actually works!” – Stacy

“I initially started to shed my baby weight. It then became the only thing I have felt like I have control over in my life. Everything with Loryn and other stuff in my life, I can count on hitting my macros through all of the chaos. It’s mostly within my control. I’m naturally very controlling and through these learning experiences I’ve had to tweak my mentality, but macros gives me a sense of control. Its something for ME. The days I can’t go to the gym, I have macros. If that makes sense? Macros have also tied into a wealth of information I would have needed while switching Loryn to her blended diet. I feel much more prepared with types of food, nutrition information, amounts of food etc… Thank you.” – Chelsea

“It helps me keep something in my life under control. Tracking, planning and knowing what I’m going to eat puts less stress on me while I’m running after my boys, going to the gym or going to work. It also keeps me accountable for what I am putting in my body and making sure I’m eating the amount my boys needs.” – Kallie

“It is flexible. I am not limiting myself, but controlling the amount (which has always been an issue). It might seem meticulous, but like anything once you get in a rhythm it becomes second nature. Once I had about 10-20 recipes in MFP, I was able to adjust only the ingredients (if that), each time I made it. The fact that I feel better because 80-90% of my meals are ate at home is worth it to me.” – Bristi

If you want to see if this program can do for you what it has done for hundreds of other mamas, now’s the time to jump in!  2/10-2/16/19 we are running a great deal for our March coaching group.  Enter coupon code: LOVEYOURSELF at checkout and receive $25.00 off of your purchase.  Coupon code also valid for DAD BOD and the Stay Fit Mom Guide to Macros on Your Own.

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