Frozen Yogurt Granola Bites

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Whether you’re joining us on our macro counting journey or you’re just looking to make a wholesome snack, you’ve come to the right place! These cute frozen yogurt granola bites are the perfect little treat before a workout, after a workout, on your way out the door in the morning, or as a late night snack.  My kids have always loved frozen yogurt sticks but never finish them so I thought these would be perfect to share with them too!Now this is a treat my kids and I would enjoy! #liveconsciouseatdelicous @vansfoods @wallabyyogurt
The last time I went to Target my cartwheel app alerted me that I’ve saved $333.76 now!  Holy smokes! I don’t know if I should be proud or frightened that I spend so much money at Target!  I mention this because the ingredients for this recipe are available at Target and there is now a new cartwheel offer for them. Find the cartwheel offer for Vans here and the offer for Wallaby here.  I picked up the Van’s Simple Delicious Gluten Free Double Chocolate and Banana Nut flavors along with the Wallaby Organic Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Greek Yogurt for this recipe.  Add them to your cartwheel now so you can pick them up next time you’re at Target, which you know will be sooner rather than later!
Granola Yogurt Melts4

I recently mentioned in an Instagram post that you shouldn’t eat foods you don’t enjoy, so I love that I can use these wholesome foods and naturally fit them into my lifestyle. Whether for breakfast or snacking the possibilities with Vans and Wallaby are endless! I love these two nutritious products for this recipe because they come in a variety of different flavors, they are NON-GMO, gluten free, and have a lot less sugar than the other brands. I feel good about eating these and feeding them to my children!

These look like a yummy nutritious snack!

Making these frozen yogurt granola bites is super easy and they freeze quickly so you can make them and enjoy eating one in just a couple hours! I’ve had these cute rubber ice cube trays for some time now so I’m glad to finally get some use out of them. I think I paid only .99 for each one.

I should make these for myself and the kids!

For each batch you need one serving of each granola and yogurt.  Here are the combos I used:

Van’s Simple Delicious Gluten Free Double Chocolate & Wallaby Organic Strawberry Greek Yogurt and

Van’s Simple Delicious Gluten Free Banana Nut & Wallaby Organic Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt.

 Now because I wanted to log the recipe in MyFitnessPal the first thing I did was measure out my granola of course!  If you’re counting macros, this is a very important step.  If you’re not go ahead and just eyeball one serving.  Beware macro counters, this granola is SO good.  I had one little nibble and the next thing I knew I was adding a whole serving into MFP.
Granola Yogurt Melts3

Next go ahead and put a little dab of yogurt in the bottom of each cube. Now this is a treat my kids and I would enjoy!

Then evenly distribute your granola into each cube.Now this is a treat my kids and I would enjoy! #liveconsciouseatdelicous @vansfoods @wallabyyogurt

Scoop remaining yogurt into the cubes covering the granola and freeze! So easy!These look so easy and yummy!

Here is what they look like when they’re frozen.Frozen Yogurt Granola Bites14

I just flipped them over and popped them right out of the trays.  Store them in freezer bags for easy access!

I should make these for myself and the kids!

My trays made 12 servings. Macros on each serving is 1P/3.2C/0.8F

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