Losing 60 + Pounds Counting Macros

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“Can I lose 60+ pounds counting macros?”

It’s a question we get often and today we get to share another success story with you! Yes, you absolutely can count macros when you’ve got a significant amount of weight to lose.

Feeling urgency to lose the weight is wise. Trying to find a way to shortcut to “speed things along” is foolish. There isn’t a quick fix to burning fat while sustaining muscle mass, but there is CERTAINLY HOPE.

Today we are filling you with hope with an amazing client spotlight featuring, Stacy! Let’s hear some great advice from a woman that’s been there/ done that, and is continuing to crush her goals!

SFM: Tell us a little bit about your story. Work? family? What’s a typical day in your life look like?

Stacy: Hello!  I’m Stacy and reside in Washington!  I’ve been married to my loving husband for a little over 7 years and will be turning the big 4-0 this upcoming March.  Our family consist of 2 well loved doggies, Barney and Stella, and a bonus child who is a freshman in college.  I am a People & Benefits Manager for a medium size company, been with them for a little over two years and love my job (even on the hard days ). 

My typical day starts off at 4:30am to get to the gym, I’ve learned that if I don’t get up in the morning I have a million excuses to WHY I won’t go. I work a traditional 8 hour day, depending on the PNW weather, I will sometimes venture out into the parking lot during lunch to get some extra steps in and enjoy the fresh air.  Once I’m done with work, I head home and spend the time with my puppies and husband.

Losing 60+ pounds counting macros.

SFM: How did you find Stay Fit Mom and what made you decide to take the leap?

Stacy: I came across Tracy’s Instagram, started following her and then came across Krista’s page.  I was hesitant to start with SFM at first because I’ve often signed up for things and at the end of the day I “donated” my money haha.  I waited a few months, followed along – read the website multiple times and then finally took the plunge.  I was paired up with Coach Stacy in July 2022 and talk about a life of motivation and changes to come.  It wasn’t easy at first but anything that is worth it typically isn’t easy at first. 

Losing 60+ pounds counting macros.

SFM: You’ve lost 60 pounds counting macros!! Absolutely incredible. What advice do you have for women that have 50+ pounds to lose?

Stacy: There are a couple of things I would tell someone in my shoes.  First, take one day at a time and second, don’t compare yourself to others.  There are times that I would compare myself to someone else and man, what a spiral route that can be and then I quickly come back to myself and what my goals are and what I’m doing to better my health.  My biggest success in this whole process is that I do not care about the scale anymore, it is more about my mental health & how my body feels.  This has taken me a VERY long long time to get to this place and it’s still a constant reminder but man, I love this place in life.

Set small obtainable goals – I have my goals set for 10 pounds and then milestones for 50, 75 and 100.  I would love to be down 100 by my 40th, will that happen?  Maybe and guess what?!? If it doesn’t happen, that is okay too because I am so much healthier than I was 60 pounds ago.  I am not afraid of food anymore, food doesn’t control me like it has in the past.

SFM: What are some of the systems and processes you’ve implemented that have helped you stay consistent for so long (including through the holiday season)?!

Stacy: Track, track, track!  I struggled with this at first – I would track during the day and then at night it would be very messy to get a green day.  I now track for the entire week as far as breakfast, lunches and snacks and then plug in my dinners the night before. 

Give yourself grace during the Holiday season as these holiday’s come once a year but the holiday’s aren’t about the food, it’s about the time spent with loved ones.  I stack my day very heavy on protein and then do my best to fill in with veggies and proteins during dinners.  Thanksgiving I was smart and even ate a salad with chicken before the real dinner because I didn’t want to be “starving” and I knew that I wouldn’t get enough protein from turkey dinner. 

SFM: What’s your most used, favorite SFM recipe?

Stacy: I have eaten the Breakfast Wonton Cups every single day since May 2023.  So, I would say that is by far my favorite recipe, I have it memorized.  In addition I love the Baked Orange Chicken, Café Rio Shredded Chicken (we make this weekly to have on hand), Hatch Green Chile Mac & Cheese (I make large batches and freeze for lunches, that way I’m not in the kitchen all day on Sunday prepping for the week), and Chad’s Easy Tortellini.

To be honest, I have never tried a recipe from Krista that hasn’t been amazing.  My husband is VERY picky and he loves everything that I’ve made. 

SFM: How has your macro counting journey impacted other areas of your life besides getting a new wardrobe? Share some of your favorite Non Scale Victories.

Stacy: I think I mentioned this above a bit but really my mental mindset has changed so much.  I shared a story on the Facebook page about talking with a friend this summer about going to the pool on vacation and she shared she had never gone to the pool previously due to confidence reason.  I was like GIRL, go get your swimsuit on and we are going to rock this pool together.  We had the best time EVER! 

My relationship with my husband, this last year he started his health journey and between the both of us we’ve lost over 100 pounds.  Our relationship has always been great, and I don’t know how to put this into words but it is so different now, we motivate each other on, we share the pains of soreness, we talk each other up when needed, we love harder, it is truly a magic time for us and I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings us.

Losing 60+ pounds counting macros.

SFM: Tell us about your experience working with Coach Stacy specifically.

Stacy: Who ever paired Stacy and I up, should be a legit Match Maker because this lady is amazing!  I love our Monday check-in’s and man, if I’m having a moment in my feelings she allows me too, gives me some tips and motivates the heck out of me.  There are so many things that her and I have in common – first our names and should add that it’s even spelt the same way, our birthdays are very close together, we both love football (me college and her the Eagles), and our love for our puppies.  Besides that, truly Stacy is the best – I experienced some personal health challenges last year where I really felt like I was in survival mode, my tracker wasn’t filled out and I was barely getting to the point of filling out my questionnaire.  She never once made me feel bad for that timing and was just there for motivation.  I ended up having a pretty extensive surgery in February of this year so I put my membership on hiatus and came back in March.  I still struggled to really get on track and focus until May 2023 when I woke up on a Sunday was like yep, this is it.  I’m done “restarting” and here we are today.  I hope that one day Stacy and I are able to meet in person because I want her to know how much she really has help change my life and for that I will never be able to say “thank you enough”.  Truly a gift!

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