How Strict Do You Have to be With Macro Counting?

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How strict do you have to be with macro counting?  Determining your goals and urgency to reach those goals should help you answer that question.  We tell our clients the fastest road to success with macro counting is hitting your macros 7/7 days within range (+/-2g for fats, +/-5g for carbs and protein).  Our job as coaches is to find our clients’ sweet spot with macros. This means we want to fuel our clients so they’re BOTH getting enough AND are able to stay consistent WHILE seeing fat loss results. We also realize we are human beings with real lives, families, and events.  We like to present our clients with the facts and let them choose wisely knowing the consequences. ​​​​​​​ 

When striving towards a goal with intensity we recommend hitting 13/14 days within range.  Read Are You as Consistent as You Think You Are HERE to audit your own accuracy with macro counting.

Personally, when I was postpartum with 50+ pounds to lose, my macro urgency to stay vigilant with tracking 13/14 days was a lot higher than it is now at a healthy maintenance weight.  Just like when my husband and I decided to pay off 110K in student loan debt, our urgency to stick to that stringent budget was much higher than it is now post debt pay off.

If you think you are going to have to be a slave to the food scale and MyFitnessPal Tracker with the strictest macro budget your whole life, think again.  Read What if I don’t Want to Track Macros the Rest of My Life to learn more about this specific topic.

Step 1: Evaluate where you are in your fat loss journey and determine where you want to be.

Step 2: Determine Your Macro Urgency/ Intensity level (Keeping in mind the more intense you are the harder ordinary life can be, but the further you’ll progress).

Step 3: Stick to your game plan. If you notice yourself slipping, you may need to set more realistic expectations in terms of both your timeline and macro budget.

Every journey is different, but YOU get to be in the driver’s seat and take control of those decisions.

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