2009 Gulfstream Supernova RV Reno

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I’ve been meaning to put together this RV renovation blog post for a few months now. Things have been busy and I’m finally getting around to it. So many of you have followed along on our camp adventures for several years now, and celebrated with us when we got to upgrade to a motor home this past Spring. We’ve always dreamed of having a motor home, but wanted to make sure we would get great use out of it before taking the plunge.

We both grew up camping in tents and have always enjoyed the outdoors. We made our first pop-up tent trailer purchase in 2019 and boy were we excited! We took that thing all over the place when the kids were little and it really was the perfect starter camper. You can see our 2019 summer adventures and some of our favorite camp spots here:

Summer Camping Adventures 2019

In 2021 we upgraded to the Bullet. We wanted a fridge and more space so it was perfect! The beds popped out on each end just like the pop-up camper beds did. We loved this camper and took it on an epic 6 week adventure through Yellowstone, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California in 2021 we’ll never forget. I didn’t do a blog post round up of this one, but I have it all saved in my Instagram highlight reels here: Summer Camp Trip Instagram Highlights 2021

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

Let’s get right to the details! This is considered a super C (C class) motorhome. The exact model is: 2009 Gulfstream Supernova 6400

These are gaining popularity, but we definitely had to search good and hard for the one we wanted. We found this one on Facebook in Kingman Arizona. We ultimately decided to get a Super C after Chad experienced driving both a class A and this class C. He says this class C is much easier to maneuver and ultimately much less strenuous for long stretches of time. With that said, here are the things we love most about this RV:

  • The over the cab queen bed
  • The king bed in the master
  • The second bathroom in the master
  • The bunk beds
  • The large kitchen fridge & freezer
  • The TV location

This RV was older than our previous camper and needed a little TLC. The previous owners did some renovating of their own, which ultimately made this whole RV renovation a little more work in my opinion. Here is a look at the RV below before we started renovations. I don’t feel like these images really give you a feel for how blue it was. Different shades of blue were in every single room and there was SO MUCH wall paper. The master bathroom was really not bringing me any joy with all the blue and weird spongy edging on the counter tops. Walk through the RV in my highlight reel on Instagram here: RV highlights

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

We had a little over 4 weeks to make updates before our first trip to Havasupai with our friends Memorial weekend. And in true Krista fashion I only planned to make a few fixes, but ultimately ended up painting the whole master bedroom, renovating the whole master bathroom, and painting the bunk room and pop out trim. It was some serious work, but I have no regrets. I LOVE it!

Ultimately I finished on time and it turned out better than I imagined. There are of course a few more upgrades I want to make over the next few years, but for now, it’s perfect. Here’s a look at the new spaces and links to the materials used and decor. If I missed anything or you have questions, feel free to ask away!

Table of Contents

RV Before & After Photos

Here’s the main Living space right when you walk in the RV (door is to the left of photos). We didn’t make a ton of changes here. We replaced the old TV, I removed some wallpaper, touched up paint, and we secured some baskets to the top of this cabinet. We don’t have a ton of pantry space so I put the large baskets here for food and the smaller one for things like sunscreen, keys, bug spray, etc. They worked out so well or us all summer.

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno
Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

Notice the pop out frame I painted white in the image above. Seems simple enough but I had to tape off the whole RV to paint this. I think it made the space look so much cleaner and less blue/grey. The couch will need to be replaced in the next few years(It has a few rips), but for now I just added some decorative pillows.

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

This space was mostly decorative changes (except that painted trim!). What a difference some decor can make! Also notice the magnet board I added for all our magnets we collect on trips. This was a fun addition I love. My oldest, Brett, sleeps on the queen above the cab. I got him some fun baskets that fit in the spaces around his bed and some new curtains he could use for privacy.

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

The bunk room is one of my favorite upgrades. My two younger kiddos loved having their own spaces. We could even pull the doors closed to separate the spaces at night. I pulled down some busy wallpaper and painted this space.

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno
  • Paint color: Sherwin Williams Alabaster White – It’s the perfect shade of white! Not too bright, it’s just right.
  • Master Bedroom Accent Rug I love using rugs to define spaces and make them cozy. Of course they always had to be rolled up and moved before driving but I didn’t mind doing that.
Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

The master bedroom (and bath coming next) is one of my favorite before and after transformations. Tearing down the bright blue wallpaper and painting the trim and walls made such a difference again here. I LOVED sleeping in this space.

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

Of course I had to immediately order our favorite Cozy Earth bamboo sheets so we could sleep like royalty all summer long. I got the new sage sheet set and it’s so beautiful. They have so many new colors now. I highly recommend Cozy earth sheets for luxury sheets in any and all spaces. Discount code: CEstayfitmom will save you 40% on their whole site!

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

My favorite RV renovation space is the master bathroom I didn’t think I needed. It turned out so good and I loved having an extra bathroom in this RV! We originally wanted the 36′ Supernova, with one bathroom, but we saw this one and went for it. The 4 extra feet was worth it!

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

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This space was the biggest part of the project. We tore out the vanity, the heavy sliding shower doors, the tile, counter top, sink, and even part of the cabinet. Chad was nervous when I wanted to paint it this color, but he agrees that it looks great. So happy with how this little space turned out.

I think that’s everything! Here’s a look at some of the other spaces we didn’t renovate. This is the main bathroom. The toilet is behind the door, not seen. This washer and dryer combo was another thing I didn’t think we needed, but ended up LOVING.

Gulstream Supernova 2009 renovation project #rvreno #glamping #rvupdate #motorhomereno

Here’s the main kitchen area. We bought a new sink faucet but haven’t yet put it on. That’s pretty much all we did here (and touch up paint). The previous owners put up this peel and stick metallic tile. It’s on there really good and I actually think it’s kind of fun. I just wish it were magnetic, that would have been fun! The large table area can be used as a bed when needed as well. Our friends slept on it when we went to Havasupai (I included a pic below you can see of it as a bed!).

We spent 4 weeks this summer traveling in the new RV making new memories. Most good, some not so great (like when we got stuck and I had to direct huge logging semi trucks around us on a highway, when Rizzo kept honking at neighbors when we would leave the RV, or when the sewer pipes burst apart and I had to sweep up all our poop). But it made all the renovation work worth it! Camping and traveling with our kids is my most favorite thing ever, but it’s also SO MUCH WORK. If you’re thinking about jumping into the RV life, do it!! Just know there will always be things to fix and there will always be stories to tell.

Before and After Video on IG

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