Getting Uncomfortable and Tracking Your Macros

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Think about a time in your life when deep discomfort lead to extraordinary outcomes. Often times our life’s biggest success stories are proceeded with discomfort, sometimes even pain, and yet while walking through the trenches is anything but easy, the pay off in the end is worth every step!

Here are a few examples from our own clients’ major life accomplishments:

Retraining your brain to begin a new habit, a new stage of life, a new normal is anything but easy! Counting macros, especially in the beginning, can feel this way.

Let’s address some of the biggest macro counting “discomforts” so we can push past them.

  1. Weighing and Logging food: “Are you really going to weigh measure and track all of our food for the rest of your life? If not, why start now?”

Macros are a tool you can put in your tool box.  Educating yourself on nutrition is NEVER a wasted effort.  What you learn while macro counting, you can take with you for the rest of your life.  When you’re this dialed into your nutrition you’ll have the ability to see how your body responds to each macronutrient.  You’ll be able to look at foods and instantly know which macros they consist of.  You’ll trade emotional eating for intentional eating. You’ll learn portion control, self control, and see the beauty in your own transformation from the inside out! If you want more on this topic Read What if I Don’t Want to Track Macros for the Rest of my Life.

2. “Eating this much protein feels uncomfortable.”

For most women, protein seems to be the most challenging macronutrient to eat each day. Believe it or not, simply increasing your protein consumption daily will most likely result in a loss on the scale AND significant changes to body composition. Protein helps build and repair muscle, it helps prevent muscle loss when in a calorie deficit, it is the slowest macronutrient to digest (which helps burn more calories), and it keeps you fuller, longer. Chances are if you’re not keeping an eye on your protein intake you’re probably falling short.  Check out the resources below so that eating enough protein doesn’t become burdensome to you!

3. “I’m not hungry, should I finish my macros?”

It’s important to eat all your macros DAILY, even if you find yourself with low hunger. Stress has the ability to both suppress and increase our appetite, completely throwing off our hunger cues.  Distraction can do the same thing. When we’re busy, it is so easy to lose track of time and lose touch with our hunger cues.  If we continuously stretch the length of time between meals and snacks, our metabolism has the ability to downregulate… it slows down. For fat loss and body composition changes, that is NOT what we want.  We want a highly efficient metabolism that is burning through the food we feed it. Our metabolism is like a bonfire; to keep it burning, we need to continually feed the fire with logs. Read more about this topic HERE.

4. Food BOREDOM.

One of the biggest obstacles that get in the way of long term sustainability with macros is food boredom. We aren’t meant to eat chicken, broccoli, and rice everyday and if you think that’s the only way to do macros, YOU’RE WRONG and Head Chef Krista is here to help! Not only do we have a number of FREE recipes {all macros included} on our website (click HERE), but we also have four cookbooks (check them out HERE) and we even offer monthly meal plans to all of our Ninja Insiders (read more about that HERE). If you want this to work for your life long term, embrace variety! We do our best to make this as easy as possible for you.

We set the bar HIGH for each of our clients, while giving them a firehose of information, guidelines, and resources. Yet, while we have high expectations, we also empathize. We have been there. Yes, it is SUPER uncomfortable in the beginning, but YES it will get easier and YES your hard work WILL pay off! You WILL come out the other side stronger. Your sisters are rooting for you and we are walking these trenches right alongside you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Interested in macro nutrition coaching? Learn more about our program and get registered today!

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