Date Night Co-op

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How often do you go out with your significant other?  I wish I could say weekly, or even monthly, but that doesn’t usually happen.  Not only can paying a babysitter get costly, but leaving kids at home with a sitter all the time can be stressful and leave you feeling guilty.  What if I told you that you could have a date night 2-3 times a month guilt free and not spend any money on babysitting?  Stay Fit Mom wants to introduce you to Date Night Co-op!
How to start a babysitting group and enjoy more quality time with your spouse.What is a Date Night Co-op?

Date Night Co-op is when 2-3 couples with children take turns watching each others kids and going on dates.  If you were in a co-op with 3 families, you would babysit all the kids 1 night while the other 2 couples go out, and then enjoy 2 date nights when the other couples are taking their turns babysitting.  Genius right!?

How to set up a Date Night Co-op

Invite 2-3 couples who have kids that will most likely get along and enjoy each others company.  You could do more than 3 couples, but remember you will host all the kids together and you don’t want things getting too crazy.

Set-up a rotation schedule and determine which nights will be co-op nights and whom will be babysitting.

Determine how often you will do the co-op and how long couples have to go one their dates.  For example:  your co-op night could be every other Friday from 5:30pm- 10:00pm.

Make sure to plan your dates ahead of time so you don’t waste any time once you drop your kids off.  If you need some ideas for dates or what to do with all the kids take a look below!

Ideas for the kids 

  • Game Night
  • Craft Night
  • Lego Night
  • Make Your Own Dinner
  • Fort Night
  • Movie Night

For our first co-op night I wanted the kids to feel like they were getting a special night too, and not just the parents.  I filled a basket with with some movie treats, popcorn, drinks, some pretend tickets,  and the movie.  As soon as they saw it they were pumped!  It’s all about presentation right?

Team up with other couples and enjoy free babysitting and bring date night back! Cute ideas for dates and babysitting activities.

Ideas for Date Night

  • Dinner & a movie
  • Couples Massage
  • Golfing Range
  • Downtown
  • Picnic
  • Drive In Movie
  • Dinner at Home (alone!)
  • Theme Park
  • Spa Night

Do you already do something similar to the Date Night Co-op?  If so, how do you like it? Share some ideas with us below! We would also love more date night ideas for couples and kids!

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  1. Date night co-op is SUCH a good idea! My husband and I need SO many more date nights. The trouble for us is that he works weekends because he’s a restaurant manager, and like NOBODY wants to babysit on a school night. 🙁 Maybe I could do a mom’s night out co-op! 🙂 I love how you entertain the kids at your house! Ingenius! #client