Client Spotlight Jenni Galiotto

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Meet SFM Ninja Jenni! Jenni’s transformation is absolutely incredible, but it’s her story that will inspire you. Read about how Jenni finds the perseverance to continue as well as her biggest tips!

When did your weight loss journey begin? Tell us a little bit about your story and how you stumbled upon Stay Fit Mom.

Jenni: My first experience with Stay Fit Mom was the Back to School Challenge in September 2021. At the time I thought I was doing macros, but I still had the mentality that “less is more” so approached the macro targets like a max instead of trying to hit each macro within range. I was still under eating, so I got 4 weeks into the challenge and fell off the wagon.  I didn’t even submit after photos. Fast forward to December 2021 and my dad passed away from a heart attack. My husband and I knew we had to get healthy again to make sure we were around for our son. I signed up for the 1:1 January coaching session and haven’t looked back since. I’ve lost 20lbs and almost 15 inches!!

You have been so consistent and steady throughout this process.  What keeps you going? 
Jenni:  Even after doing this for 5 months, the flexibility and results continue to surprise me! I never imagined eating MORE food would lead to weight loss or that I could still eat things that I previously would have labeled as “bad” and see amazing results. It’s so easy to work in a treat and still stay within my macro targets. 

Counting Macros success story

 How has your macro journey impacted other areas of your life besides just needing a new wardrobe?

Jenni: Macro counting has made me more aware of all my choices and how they make me feel. I’m much choosier about when I drink now and that’s empowering. 

Counting Macros success story

Have the habits you’ve picked up since counting macros rubbed off on your family?  What do they think about it?
Jenni: My husband joined DadBod and has been doing macro coaching alongside me! We love playing “Macro Tetris” and finding new recipes to make together.  I couldn’t do this without him being on this journey to create a healthier life for our family. 

Stay Fit Mom and Dad Bod Transformation

What are the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome when it comes to sticking to the plan?
Jenni: I travel a lot for work and that usually means dinners at nice restaurants where nutritional info isn’t available. I’ve gotten much better at estimating and tracking to the best of my ability.  I’ve learned that estimating and tracking is way better than just not tracking at all. 

You’re one of the MOST consistent clients that we have.  What advice do you have for those that struggle with consistency?
Jenni: Meal Prep is key! It makes my weeks so much easier when I can plan ahead and know what I am eating. Sometimes that looks like a new recipe to try out and other times that is just cooking a large batch of protein that can be transformed into different meals during the week to cut down prep time. 

What keeps you signing up for coaching over and over again?
Jenni:  Coach Kirstin is the best!! She is my biggest supporter, answers all my questions, and pushes me to keep going. I love having the accountability of checking in with her each week and getting such positive feedback. 

Diet reverse explained

Any Many people believe that macro tracking is just for super athletes or body builders.  Any advice for anyone considering trying to count their macros?  for anyone considering trying to count their macros? 

Jenni: Macros is the best way to stay balanced, see consistent results, and have more energy. I feel stronger in my workouts because I am fueling my body properly. 

What Coach Kirstin has to say about working with Jenni:

Jenni is just the SWEETEST and is a JOY to coach! She came in eating around 1600 calories a day and we have reversed her and she is now eating 2150 calories a day! NO CUTTING! All her weight lost and body changes were in the reverse!! Jenni is a PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL example of how throwing away the all or nothing mentality is the best thing you can do.  She travels for work a LOT and often visits family and she MAKES IT WORK.  She hits while traveling, and when she doesn’t she gets as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE and doesn’t throw the day away. She has also committed to her fitness journey- running a half marathon and prioritizing lifting during our time together.  Her trust in the process and in ME is second to none and I look forward to our interactions EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

Thank you, Jenni, for sharing your story with us!

If you’re inspired by Jenni’s story and you’d like to learn more about our next 1:1 coaching session click HERE.

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