Bring Sally Up Challenges

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We’re all moved into the new home as of last weekend.  I swear I never want to move again, it’s exhausting!  I have boxes in every room still and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.  My husband and I counted and we have moved 8 times in our 8 years of marriage! Wow! I’m a little relieved because I think this just might be the home my children grow up in.  I was lucky enough to live in my childhood home for 20 years so I would love for my kids to have some of that same consistency. I’m not going to say we won’t move because plans always change, but I have high hopes for this place.  Here is to the next 10 years!

This week at work I have my students doing the ‘Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge’.  They have done it before and they LOVE it! If you have never heard of it check out this video I posted of my students doing it last year.  I have seen many different versions of this song done as a workout challenge and I want to challenge you to two of them this week!


Weekly Workout:

Bring Sally Up Challenges:

  1. Plank Challenge
  2. Squat Challenge

At home no equipment workout!

Equipment Needed:


The whole song is about 3 1/2 minutes long, see if you can finish it.  With my students I make them try for 2 minutes and then have them sit down when they can no longer keep up.  It’s a fun little workout so grab a friend or your kids and get after it!

I've heard these are pretty intense! I've got to try them.

If you have done one of these ‘Bring Sally Up’ challenges before let us know in the comments which is the hardest!  I have only done the squat and plank version but look forward to trying a few others out.

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