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  • This mom discusses how she is fitter than ever before after having kids!
    Mom Crush

    Mom Crush Elisha Villanueva

    I’ve been following Elisha on Instagram for quite a while now and each time she shares I am SO inspired by her journey!  Not only is her transformation AMAZING, but she is…

  • This is great! I will lose the weight and keep it off!
    Mom Life


    Maintenance made Easy Easier. If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser on TV, you know that the show is made up of ordinary people struggling with obesity in their own lives.  These…

  • Free Monthly Calendar Printable.

    Plan for Success

    There is nothing worse than showing up to work and discovering it’s pot luck day on day 3 of your Whole30.  Pizza, pasta, brownies, doughnuts, all calling your name and filling the…

  • Motivation! I can get my body back if she did!

    Sweat It Out in Your Workout

    My first real experience with fitness was my freshmen year of volleyball on the B-team, where Krista and I became friends actually.  As you may imagine the B-team is for beginners, and…