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Maintenance made Easy Easier.

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If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser on TV, you know that the show is made up of ordinary people struggling with obesity in their own lives.  These people are transported to The magical Ranch and lose massive amounts of weight, upwards of 50% of their body weight.  On their first day at the ranch, these people are puking, passing out, and even crying! And yet, after enduring three months of what looks like the torture chamber of fitness, some of them still put the weight back on.

I want you to know that MAINTAINING a healthy lifestyle, especially after a major body transformation is the most difficult part.  Thirty days of a strict diet can be challenging, but making permanent lifestyle changes that will alter how you eat for the long term is going to rock your world.  I wish I could tell you that once you’ve maintained your body transformation goals for two months you’ve MADE it, but the truth is, maintenance is ongoing.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a decision I have to make every single day.

Is it worth it?  1000% yes.


Maintenance will become easier over time if you…

A.  SHOW UP.  There will be lots of variation and inconsistencies in your day.  Keep meal prep and your workout consistent PRIORITIES in your life.   Time and time again I leave the house in utter shambles because I’ve got an 8:30AM workout I’ve got to catch.  In my house tantrums, dirty dishes, and potty breaks are inevitable, but finding time for me is vital.  My workouts and nutrition fuel me, for what I know will be another crazy day in toddler land.

B.  Strive for Progress.  Achieve your GOALS and then make new ones!  Be sure you’ve found a fitness program that continues to push your limits.  You know you’ve found a good one, if it pains you to miss a day.

C.  Don’t call it a “cheat day”.  If you live in America, you know this is the land of the fried chicken and the home of the cheeseburger.  And every once in a while, everybody needs those things.  However “I’m going to eat fried chicken, cheeseburgers, cinnamon rolls and chocolate cake on Friday, because it’s my cheat day,” is asking for disaster.

D.  Support.  Surrounding myself with people who lift me up, encourage me to reach my goals, and catch me when I fall, makes trying something out of my comfort zone So. Much. Easier.  I need encouragement on a DAILY basis.  I’ve learned to make friends with people who not only push me to be the very best version of myself, but extend me a heavy dose of grace on the days I fall short.

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If we can do this, anybody can.


5 Steps to the Best Shape of my Life

1.  Set GOALS to keep yourself motivated.

2.  PLAN for success.

3.  It’s all about the FOOD.

4.  Sweat it out in your WORKOUT.


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  1. I love your series on weight loss! Can’t believe I haven’t seen this before, but I’ll definitely be back! Congratulations on your weight loss and maintenance. I lost 50 lbs a couple years ago and struggle with the same 10 lbs coming on and off ever since. :/

    1. Thanks for reading, Lena! Congrats on your weight loss and that last 10 is always the struggle! Keep up the good work!