My Whole30 Results

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I started Whole30 because I was looking for results. I wanted my clothes to fit me just a little better after the holiday binge, and I wanted to get over my sugar addiction.  While those things both happened I can honestly say, I got so much more than that.

Thinking about trying Whole30? This post is filled with grocery lists, top menu picks, and results!

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1.  My relationship with food changed, just like it said it would in the It Starts With Food book.  It’s amazing how flavorful strawberries became after I quit eating pancakes covered in syrup every morning.  I wasn’t reaching for the quick protein bar because I was too tired to make a healthy meal.  Whole30 forced me to make healthy food a priority in our home.

2.   I started cooking more meals for my family!  I mentioned this in an earlier post in the series, but we were eating out way more than I would like to admit.  It was hard on our budgets and hard on our bodies.  Whole30 got me more comfortable in the kitchen!

3.  After the first 2 weeks of adjustment, I really did have more energy.  My body learned to fuel off of healthy fat instead of sugar, which resulted in 10 pounds of weight loss for me.

4.  My kids and my husband ate healthier!  From the start, my hubby had zero interest in Whole30, and I didn’t plan to put my two and four year old through Whole30, but because our refrigerator was loaded with fruit, veggies, and protein, their diets ultimately adjusted.  I was shocked to see my 4 year old take down raw carrots and raw bell peppers like they were candy.  He was a big helper for me in the kitchen when we prepared dinners together.   I also  learned that my 2-year-old’s new favorite snack is raw nuts.    Not only did I reap the benefits, but my family did too!

5.  It inspired me to start and health and fitness blog.  I was SO positive that Whole30 would be too much for this mama of two.  Once I got through it, I wanted so badly to encourage and empower other moms on their journey for optimal health.  I’m not saying that I think Whole30 is the only way to get healthy, but I can definitely vouch that it’s a VERY effective program that doesn’t cost you anything in membership fees.  All the information anybody would need to start Whole30 is completely FREE via the internet.  I learned that I too could be providing FREE information for women that were looking to improve their health and fitness.

All these life changing results weren’t exclusive to just me.  I got to experience Whole30 with a few friends that made the journey SO much more enjoyable.  We’d text each other meal ideas.  We’d check in with each other every few days and it helped that none of us were going it alone.  Here are just a few of the results some of these dear friends of mine let me share with you.

Stay Fit Mom Krista (10 lbs weight loss): For me, the Whole 30 was a fresh start.  It wasn’t just about losing weight, but about getting back on track with healthy eating habits. The Whole 30 opened up my eyes to what I was actually eating and taught me a lot about food. Yes the diet can seem restricting, but it made me appreciate and develop a better relationship with my food. Sticking with the Whole 30 for 30 days was a huge accomplishment for me and taught me that I can do hard things! I can’t wait to do my next Whole 30!

My Whole30 Results

Jacob (12 lbs weight loss):  I love how doable it is.  Even with the large amount of restrictions there are still plenty of options.  It just wasn’t a diet to me.  It was an opportunity to rejuvenate my taste buds and offer me a different mindset on food.

Lindsay (9 lbs weight loss, lost 3% body fat): Within the first week, my skin changed. My hubs said I looked years younger just by making changes to my diet. It was fun for me to learn find new recipes to try. And once I got an arsenal of great recipes under my belt, eating whole 30 was actually really easy. Of course the 9 pounds lost and 2 inches off my waist were the icing on the cake!

Lee Ann (7 lbs weight loss): My skin cleared up, I had lots of energy which resulted in increased speed and performance at CrossFit.

Jamie (6.8 lbs weight loss):  Despite all of the preparation involved, Whole30 actually simplified eating for me. I didn’t finish my sons’ pancakes just because. I didn’t fret over social situations where treats surrounded me. I just ate my three healthy meals a day and felt great.

My Whole30 Results

Like I said, Whole30 certainly is not the ONLY path towards a healthier lifestyle.  It most definitely is a legitimate option worth exploring if you’re looking for any of the results mentioned above.  We hope that you enjoyed our Whole30 Journey series!

We will be starting a Whole30 Facebook group soon!  We want this group to provide lots of support for you along your Whole30 journey!  We’ll be posting recipes, answering questions, and you’ll get to interact with other people that are going through the same day to day struggles and successes that you will be!  Let us know if you’re interested in joining!  We’re getting a jump start to our summer bodies!

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