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More Than Macros Retreat Workshops

We want you to leave our retreat with more than an awesome swag bag and amazing new friendships. We want to send you off with tangible, real life tools we use to live a healthier lifestyle. Take a look at the four workshops we have planned for July! We have a few tickets still available and hope to see you there!

We know that feeling all too well, staring into an empty fridge at the end of the day, while your kids scream at you from behind, “What’s for dinner, mom?!” The temptation to grab the car keys and head straight to the drive thru is just so great…. but if you’ve come to call the Stay Fit Mom community home, we know the easy way out isn’t for you anymore. Say goodbye to dinner desperation as we hear from two mamas who work outside of the home, own their own businesses, change diapers, and diffuse tantrums, all while making family meals around the dinner table a priority. Krista and Amy share practical tips and tricks for meal prepping and planning, while revealing the SECRET to juggling it all: It happens in the kitchen.

“It’s always been about more than protein, carbs, and fats, but it started there with me and my fitness pal and what seemed like my distant dream to fit back into my postpartum jeans. Counting macros taught me how to eat an elephant…one bite at a time, but more than that it taught me to appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears it took to accomplish the goal.” Chris and Tracy Gifford share the transformative power of living life on a budget. From budgeting every gram of protein, carb and fat, to every dollar, nickel and dime. Come learn how to apply the same principles of budgeting your macros to changing your financial future.

You’ve mastered counting macros with Stay Fit Mom. You understand the importance of food quality and how it impacts your weight loss goals. But food is more than just carbs, fats, protein and energy-dense calories. Real food is living and it nourishes and heals the body. It is abundant in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fats. Food is medicine and medicine is food.  For those who think they can’t afford to be healthy, well, then let us tell you that you definitely cannot afford to be sick. Sam is a board-certified practicing Physician Assistant and she will dig deep into how food truly impacts your body from the inside and out—from the way you look to the way you feel. Jamie is a coach at Stay Fit Mom with a Whole30 background and a passion for food quality. She will share practical tips for incorporating whole, healthy foods into your lifestyle.

You’re committed to the lifelong pursuit of health and wellness, but the rest of your family hasn’t quite jumped on board.  Dad Bod Coach Grayson hasn’t always been passionate about his own health, in fact not too many years ago he was 45 pounds heavier, but then something changed.  His motivation to shed body fat had little to do with 6 pack abs, BUT everything to do with enhancing his quality of life for the long haul. Grayson grew up watching his father struggle with one poor health choice after another. Addiction and obesity led to broken relationships, financial hardship, and depression in the short term, but ultimately heart failure, an inability to live life independently, and premature death. Come hear how Grayson is on a mission to be the dad he never had, all while encouraging families to find the deeper meaning behind their #fitfam goals.

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