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When my husband and I first got married, the single BEST piece of advice that I remember getting {that I’m sure to pass on to every newly married couple I know} was, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

Through our 9 years of marriage (holy moly it’s been 9 years!), my hubby and I have come to realize that my happiness, or lack thereof, really does impact the entire mood of the family.  And so here I bring you a quote from a man wise beyond his years that also greatly impacts this family… the one and only Spiderman, who says…

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

I quickly realized that my personal health decisions were no different.  If I was in the mood for ice cream, we were all headed to get ice cream, and to the contrary if I’m completing a cycle of Whole30, my family is getting a whole lot of healthy cooked meals.  Once I started incorporating workouts into my daily routine, my kids started to ask me to watch them do burpees.  As mothers and wives, our decisions directly impact the entire family.

Love this Healthy Mom, Healthy Family Series from!

Once I came to that realization, it changed my health-related decisions.  I wasn’t just eating healthy and working out to fit into a cute pair of pants.  I was eating healthy and working out for the good of my family.

Love this Healthy Mom, Healthy Family Series from!

All that being said, Stay Fit Mom is bringing you the Healthy Mom, Healthy Family Series.  We want to share the resources, recipes, and activities that have worked for our kiddos.  This week we have partnered with businesses in the Las Vegas community that we think are doing great things to help keep kids healthy and active.

 Today we are featuring BounceU

BounceU are birthday party experts!  A  stress-free birthday is my favorite kind of birthday!

and FlipNout!

Keeping kids active at FlipNOut Family Fun center!  10,000 square feet of  trampoline fun!!

 As a mom of two wild boys, there is nothing I enjoy more than taking a little breather while my little guys get all their energy out!  I’ve hosted birthday parties out of my home before and I’m an absolute wreck the night before.  Not only am I cleaning my house like a mad woman, but I’m assembling favors and decorations.  I’m usually checking Pinterest months in advance to make sure I’ve got enough games and activities to entertain 10+ kids.  Then I’ve got to figure out the food situation.  Just writing about this is giving me anxiety.  There is NOTHING easier than driving up to your child’s birthday party to find everything completely taken care of.  No clean up, no stressful assembly of gadgets, and TONS of fun had by all!!  BounceU are the birthday party experts.  They not only give the parents a well deserved breather, but they get kids to be active and move!

BounceU are birthday party experts!  A  stress-free birthday is my favorite kind of birthday!

The first time we took our kiddos to FlipNout, they looked like they had died and gone to heaven.  FlipNout is a little boys dream come true!  I thought jumping would be a great way to get my kiddos’ energy out, but I had NO IDEA the workout that I, myself, was in for.  I’m pretty sure that 1 hour of jumping translated to 400,000 calories burned, or at least it felt that way.  The entire family had a blast jumping in a 10,000 square foot arena of wall to wall trampolines.  If you have not been there yet, I HIGHLY recommend you give it a go!

Keeping kids active at FlipNOut Family Fun center! 10,000 square feet of trampoline fun!!

 Stay tuned for the rest of our Healthy Mom, Healthy Family Series!  We’ve got lots of great information headed your way as well as some fabulous Las Vegas businesses to boast about!

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  1. Every morning hubs takes our 7 year old son to the park or around the neighborhood and does a run around drill/play routine with my son and calls it KidFit 2.0. My son LOVES it! 🙂 We also like to play in our neighborhood and swim.

  2. We play outside all the time. My boys especially love riding their bikes around the neighborhood. We try to walk to a park at least once or twice a week as well.

    1. Gotta love this Las Vegas weather in March! I’m with you, Katie! Whenever weather permits, we are at the park and outside all day!

  3. I really appreciate this website! It’s great to see other moms maintaining a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their children! I enjoy being outdoors with my girls and dancing with them to keep them and myself active and healthy.

  4. These places are especially wonderful for summer birthdays in Vegas. Last year we had my son’s party at a park in June and it was 100 degrees at 10 a.m. Indoor fun is the way to go for the summer!

    1. I’m SO with you, Natalie!! Once those triple digits hit, we’re either in the pool or in AC! These places are just great for birthday parties (in the summer especially)!

    1. Can’t get enough of this beautiful March weather! We haven’t hiked yet this year, but I’m itching to get to Red Rock!!