10 Reasons You Should Try the Macro Diet

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A few weeks ago one of our clients, Marianna, hosted a Super Bowl party.  While we give our clients the autonomy to decide when taking non-tracking days is worth it and when it is not, Marianna decided that she was going to stick to her game plan and track her macros at the party.  She even brought out her food scale.  The guests at her party were shocked and some seemed almost offended as she calculated which items to input into her macros.  “What are you doing?”  “How in the world does this crazy diet work?”  “Is it really practical to weigh and measure every little thing you eat?”10 Reasons to try macros from Stay Fit Mom!

That week Marianna weighed in at an all-time low.  Since starting our nutrition program she’s lost 40 pounds and has no intention of slowing down.  This woman has her eyes on the prize and she’s not letting anything or any opinion stop her!

But the truth of the matter is we get responses, similar to the people at Marianna’s Super Bowl party, all the time and they’re not unreasonable questions.  They are the same questions we asked before we started tracking our own macros!

While I’d love to preach my macro sermon to every doubter that comes my way, I’ve learned to bite my tongue, nod and smile.  After all, I do have my very own personal soap box right here on the blog and today I’d like to take advantage of that platform.

10 Reasons to try the Macro Diet by Stayfitmom.com

10 Reasons You Should Try the Macro Diet

  1. Macros are a tool you can put in your tool box.  Educating yourself on nutrition is NEVER a wasted effort.  What you learn in our nutrition program, you can take with you for the rest of your life.  Whether you have a few extra pounds to lose or a long way to go on your fat-loss journey, macros works.  It yields incredible results.  When you’re this dialed into your nutrition you’ll have the ability to see how your body responds to each macronutrient.  You’ll be able to look at foods and instantly know which macros they consist of.  You’ll trade emotional eating for intentional eating.  You’ll learn to appreciate your self control, and see the beauty in your own transformation from the inside out!
  2. Food Freedom.  Yes, to see the BEST results we encourage weighing and measuring, but with preplanning comes the ability to eat ALL the food groups.  We give you a macro “budget” and you get to spend this “budget” however you please!  Gone are the days of “Carbs are BAD for you!”  In the right quantity, carbs give you energy for physical activity, brain function and even help regulate your hormones.
  3. Increased performance in the gym.  We haven’t had ONE client, not even one, that successfully implemented our program that hasn’t reported increases in gym performance in some capacity.  When you’re giving your body the right quantity of macronutrients, your body can appropriately respond to the demands of your training.
  4. You don’t have to workout to see results.  While many of our clients are athletes, some haven’t implemented exercise into their daily routine and they’re still able to see body composition changes!  If our clients had to choose between spending an hour a day on meal preparation or spending that same hour working out,  we’d tell them to focus on their diet, because fat loss is 80% nutrition!
  5. Balance.  There’s a reason grandma preached balance and moderation.  She was right.  In a diet culture that’s constantly shifting from low calories, to low fat, to low carb, to keto, to paleo, to gluten-free, to vegan, it’s no wonder our hormones and metabolism are suffering!  Our bodies are begging us for balance.
  6. Get the body composition you’re actually looking for.  Macros is about FAT loss.  It’s about swapping out fat for muscle.  When your body gets the appropriate amount of macronutrients, your metabolism shifts out of starvation mode and begins to break down fat instead of muscle!
  7. You’ll stop eating out, eat home-cooked meals, and save money because of it.  When you eat home-cooked meals you’re able to eat so much more food than dining out allows on macros.  Not only will your body benefit from the decreases in preservatives and sodium that you find in take out foods, but so will your budget! You’re going to need the extra money in the budget for the smaller clothes sizes you’ll have to buy for yourself.
  8. The longer you do it, the easier it gets and the better the results get.  Macros is like  building a snowball.  It takes an awful lot of initial effort to get it going, but it’s not long before the ball rolls on it’s own. Weighing, measuring and inputting your food is overwhelming at first, but just like anything else it gets easier and easier with time.  Pretty soon the tasks that once gave you anxiety become second nature.  Before you know it, your body has lost more inches than it ever has before while you simultaneously eat more of the foods you love and enjoy!
  9. Increased energy level.  We know that your life is filled with school, playdates, sports, laundry, work, exercise, carpool, etc, etc, etc.  Fueling your body with the right nutrition to sustain the energy level you need throughout the day is essential!  Nothing can combat the afternoon crash like balanced nutrition.
  10. It’s sustainable long term. 30-day elimination diets, detox diets, and low-calorie diets aren’t something that people can successfully sustain for long periods of time.  We’ve worked with women who have tracked their macros for over a year in our coaching program.  We personally have tracked our macronutrient intake for 2 years and don’t have plans to jump ship anytime soon.

But before you go all in, here are a few words of caution.  If you’re looking for the quick and easy way out, macros isn’t for you.  It takes hard work, perseverance and patience.  This journey will make you see what you’re made of!

We open up new macro coaching groups at the start of every month. You can read more about that on our Macro Coaching Page. Send us an email at [email protected] to register for an upcoming session.

Postpartum journey with a nutrition coach from StayFitMom.com.

We have also just opened up our DAD BOD Men’s Macro Coaching group led by Coach Chad and Coach Grayson. 

Men's macro coaching by Stay Fit MomFood freedom and never eliminate a food group again! We love the macro diet! #stayfitmom #macrodiet #macros #iifym

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  1. great points! I love IIFYM. It’s so true, you eat out a lot less when tracking. There’s a misconception that people who count there macros are unhealthy and eat only candy and cookies, but the reality is that we eat more veggies and whole foods than you’d expect so that we can make our macros go further!

  2. Such great points!! I’ve tracked for quite a while too and it gets much easier!! Love following along on your IG stories….hilarious!!