Taking the Intimidation out of Tracking Macros

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This week I got on Instagram and asked people to tell me what intimidates them most about macro tracking.  Below are some of the most popular questions/comments and my responses.  We want you to know if we can do this, So. Can. You!

Follower: How can I track macros when I have such a busy schedule?  

SFM:  The bottom line is it is overwhelming when you first start and we wouldn’t pretend that it was easy as pie.  That being said, it gets easier and easier as you go.  The more you do it, the more the process becomes second nature.  We work with women that are stay at home moms, working moms, work from home moms, special need moms.  You name it and we’ve seen it.  If we can do this and make this work into our busy lives, so can you!  Read Special Needs Moms Conquering Macros to get inspired! 

Follower: What about tracking macros when I go out to eat?

SFM:  This may be the trickiest thing of all, but it is doable if you can be resourceful.  A quick tip:  Pick menu items that you can easily break down and estimate- chicken, steak, potatoes, fruit, etc. You can find everything you need to know about eating out and macro counting HERE.

Follower: I’m stressed out about tracking every single thing.

SFM:  Tracking every single thing is likely easier than you think.  MyfitnessPal allows you to save meals and copy from the day before.  This means if you’re a creature of habit, this process will be much easier for you.  While tracking every single thing might not be for everybody, it certainly can be done in a healthy way.  Read more about the topic Is Macro Counting Dangerous HERE.  Tracking macros is also way easier when you have delicious recipes all in one place that are already in MyFitnessPal.  Check out the Stay Fit Mom Cookbooks HERE.

Follower:  How do I calculate my macros when math isn’t my thing?

SFM:  The great news is tracking macros is definitely our thing!  Click HERE to get your custom count.  Not only will you not have to worry about the math, but you’ll have an accurate macro prescription based on so much more than height, weight and activity level.

Follower:  Do I focus on Macros and Calories or just Macros?

SFM:  We encourage our clients to focus on macros, but know that macros are calories.  1g of protein = 4 calories, 1g of carbs = 4 calories, 1g of fats = 9 calories.

Follower:  I’m worried I’ll have to eat foods I hate like eggs and fish!

SFM:  Great news!  Unlike meal plans, the best thing about macro tracking is there is no eating of foods that you don’t want to eat.  You get to spend your macro budget the way you want to!

Follower:  Should I weigh meat raw or cooked?  What if the MyfitnessPal entries are inaccurate?

SFM:  We always preach consistency over perfection.  You can check out this graphic HERE for more information on how to weigh meat, but if hiccups like the ones mentioned above are stressing you out or keeping you from moving forward, let it go!

Follower:  What’s the difference between being in a calorie deficit and tracking macros?

SFM: If your goal is weight loss, you still need to be in a calorie deficit when tracking macros, but you can eat a lot more calories than you think.  You won’t be eating 2,000 calories in all pizza, instead you’ll be eating 2,000 calories that are macro balanced.  This allows your body to build muscle properly and shed fat.

Follower:  Will I have to weigh food for the rest of my life?

SFM: Nope!  Macros is a tool that you get to use when you’re working towards a goal and you get to determine when you’re ready to loosen the reigns.  Regardless of how long you vigilantly weigh and measure what you learn in our program about nutrition is a lifelong skill that you can take with you for years to come.  Read more about this topic in What If I Don’t Want to Track Macros the Rest of my Life? 

Follower:  Where do I even start?

SFM:  We specialize in working with beginners and created a post just for them.  Read Macros for Beginners to get all the basic information for getting started.

Follower:  Do I need to do CrossFit or do intense exercise to see results with macros?

SFM:  Absolutely NOT!  So many people instinctively join a gym when they’re ready to lose a few pounds when in reality fat loss is 80% nutrition.  We’ve seen a lot of clients see great success that don’t workout at all.  Check out one of the many examples HERE.

Follower:  I am nervous about eating carbs and gaining weight.

SFM:  Tracking your macros means you don’t have to be fearful of bread or pasta!  There is a period of time when the scale bobbles as your body adjusts to the increased carb intake while converting that extra fluff to muscle, but great body composition changes like never before are in your future!

Follower:  How do I count macros with a lot of ingredients?

SFM:  In the beginning we’d recommend you to keep macro tracking as simple as possible with recipes that take fewer ingredients, i.e. chicken, rice, pasta, etc.  However one of the things we love most about our program is that you don’t have to eat chicken and rice all day to see great results.  You’ll want to learn how to create your own recipes in MyFitnessPal (Click HERE) or at the very least purchase some macro friendly cookbooks so that you have more variety.

We hope this puts your mind at east.  If you’re ever ready to give our coaching program a go, we’d love to have you! Click HERE to learn more about our next 1 on 1 coaching group!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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