Is Macro Counting Dangerous?

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Every once in a while I get asked this question from a follower,

“What about the fact that macro counting is a diet and part of the dangers of diet culture?”

As a nutrition coach, whose business is centered around helping people use flexible dieting as a means to shed body fat, I used to feel triggered by all of the anti-diet hype out there.  Here I am trying to help people with real health issues fight for their life and the media is making me feel terrible for it.  In fact, at one point in my coaching career I started to wonder if I was part of the problem.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I took a long hard look at the Stay Fit Mom nutrition program, our mission and goals, and came to the conclusion that I had real beef with diet culture too.  Watch our short video Eating Disorders and Dieting; A Nutrition Coach’s Perspective to dive more into this topic.

My husband and I spent the last four years paying off $292,000 in debt.  We had a HUGE hole to dig ourselves out of.  We dug ourselves out by tracking every penny we spent.  You can read more about that HERE.

You know how many people labeled us with a disorder for tracking our finances?  ZERO.  

Yet the masses are so quick to label people that stick to a food budget with an eating disorder.  Sticking to a budget for both food intake and finances isn’t for everybody, but it can surely be done in a healthy way.  

Macro tracking is a practical tool that leaves out ambiguity and guessing and {when it’s implemented correctly} leads to dramatic results.

Don’t you dare let anybody shame you or call you crazy for choosing to track. 

Living life with debt is hard. 

Living life on a budget is hard.  

Being obese is hard.

Macro tracking is hard.

We all choose our own hard.  

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