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When Tracy and I first came up with the idea to reach out to other moms and share their stories with all of you I immediately thought of a few moms I knew would be perfect for this.  Tandi Clarkson is one of those mommies I thought of.

Inspirational Mommies- Moms who balance family life with fitnessTandi is bubbly, fun, loving, and an amazingly talented fitness coach.   Both Stay Fit Mom Tracy and I attended high school with Tandi where she could be found on the cheerleading squad, dance team, and spectrum team.  After graduating high school Tandi took her passion of health and fitness and became a physical education teacher and a fitness instructor. Tandi has two beautiful girls and a brand new baby boy.  Tandi has always kept fitness a priority in her life and we wanted to find out what keeps her motivated and how she looks so amazing! 
Fit Mom Tandi Clarkson shares how she stayed active during pregnancy and how she plans to shed the baby weight!SFM
: We know you are involved in a lot of different athletic activities, can you tell us a little bit about what all you do?

Tandi: I teach group fitness for LifeTime Athletic GreenValley and have taught for 24 hour fitness for 12 years. Formats include Zumba, turbo kickboxing, Barre Fitness, Barebell toning classes, and Cardio Dance. I also teach dance and workshops for studios across the las vegas valley.

SFM: You just recently had your third child and we couldn’t help but notice how fabulous you looked pregnant! What’s you secret?

Tandi: Thank you! I taught 7 classes a week up until I was 37 weeks. Also chasing around two little girls gave me little time for naps and lounging. Things change by your third child thats for sure!Mom Crush Tandi Clarkson6

SFM: You now have 3 beautiful kids, is it true that more kids than hands are hard to handle?

Tandi: It is a lot, I won’t lie, but we are all adjusting together and my girls are super helpful with the baby! We have charts to help around the house and the kids get stickers and rewards for helping mom. Leaving the house is NUTS! We have to start getting ready way earlier now.How to maintain health and fitness when also juggling family life

SFM: Where do you find support when it comes to living such an active and healthy lifestyle?

Tandi: Thankfully my husband is really into working out and we actually met at the gym when we were teenagers. Sharing the same interests with your spouse is important and our kids get to see that we love exercising and eating healthy together. My mother takes my Zumba classes every week and my brother’s family and my dad all go to Lifetime. It’s great having the whole family at the gym!

SFM: You and your husband are both very fit people, what are some things you do in your home to maintain this lifestyle?

Tandi: We find ways to challenge each other with our fitness goals and if I start up a healthy eating plan he will join right along! It’s great to be able to do it together, and makes it easier! We also just signed up for our first disney 1/2 marathon so we’ll train together! I DONT run, but I LOVE Disney, so I figured it would be something to get me motivated.How to maintain health and fitness when also juggling family life

SFM: What are some things you do to relieve mommy stress?

Tandi: Teaching group fitness gives me a break from home and also gives me that necessary adult interaction. I’m also big on date nights with the hubby and mommy’s nights out! You need friends that share the same joys and struggles so you can relate with each other.

SFM: Can you share with us what a daily meal plan might look like for you?

Tandi: Eating healthy was my biggest struggle for a while. I always exercised so much that I never had to worry about what I ate, but of course age and having children change your body. I eat eggs and wheat toast daily for breakfast( I could actually eat eggs for every meal ), a mid morning snack is greek yogurt, lunch might be a turkey wrap( wraps are my life!), afternoon snack would be shakeology with frozen fruit blended(It’s my healthiest meal Of the day!), and dinner is chicken and veggies or a BIG salad with chicken. I’m not a huge seafood person and I don’t eat a lot of red meat, so chicken it is! I also will rarely be without a bottle of water! Water is a MUST all day long! If I need a “treat” at night I will take a spoonful of peanut butter to calm my sweet tooth.How to maintain health and fitness when also juggling family life

SFM: You already look amazing after giving birth, what are your plans for easing back into your daily routines?

Tandi: Thank you!! I think breastfeeding is KEY for loosing weight faster. I also worked out so far into pregnancy that I had an easy delivery and I was able to go back to the gym only 4 weeks postpartum. I make a point to try to get out with the kids almost everyday. Taking them swimming or to the park helps us get out of the house and keeps us all active.

Thank you Tandi for taking the time to share your secrets with us!  If any local Las Vegas ladies want to try out one of Tandi’s fitness classes you can find her schedule below!

Tuesday 10:30am – Zumba lifetime Green Valley
Tuesday 6:00pm- The Mixx(cardi kickboxing, cardio dance) Lifetime Green Valley
Thursday 9:15am – Zumba Lifetime Green Valley
Thursday 4:30pm- Barre Fusion lifetime Green Valley
Saturday 9:15am Zumba Lifetime Green Valley
Sunday 9:00am Zumba 24 Hour Fitness SilveradoMoms who juggle motherhood and healthy living. Find out how they do it!

Tandi is also a Beach Body Coach. If you’re interested in online coaching and training you can find her on Facebook here or order beach body products from her here.

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