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Even though I have not seen the scale drastically drop, my motivation to count my macros continues for a variety of reasons. Because I count macros:

  • I have energy I have not had in years!
  • I’m stronger!
  • My fatigue is gone!
  • My body composition has improved.
  • I’ve lost several inches.
  • My clothes fit better and many are too big!

I suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and have dealt with fluctuating weight gains and losses for over 15 years. While you can lose weight with PCOS, anyone who has it knows that it is practically impossible. For every loss you have, the gain is so much more. Since I started with Stay Fit Mom, and closely with my coach Amy, I finally feel I am gaining control over my diagnosis. All the doctors and nutritionists tell you to cut calories and run more on the treadmill. I did all of that and not much changed except that, over the years, I cut so many calories that I was eating 1200-1500 calories a day. I now eat 2100 calories a day and not only am I slowly losing weight, but so many of the issues I battled with PCOS are almost non-existent. I knew it was always about finding the right balance for my body but after trying so many things, I did not know what else to do. 

Finally losing weight with PCOS counting macros #stayfitmom #PCOS #macrodeit

Counting macros has not only impacted my life by losing some weight but has completely changed my health and lifestyle. My endocrinologist is so happy with my progress and as I progress, I get to continue to slowly come off some of my medications.

I can exercise again! Not only do I have PCOS but I have issues with my back and neck that got so bad I was slowly doing less and less. Introduced a macro diet and my strength is coming back and am able to do more and more each day. I finally got back on my mountain bike after several years of the jarring hurting my back and neck too much. 

Finally losing weight with PCOS counting macros #stayfitmom #PCOS #macrodeit

My family and friends have noticed a big difference, especially my husband and son. They know how many times I would end up in bed, laying on the heating pad, resting and trying to feel better. Since I started in June 2020, I only lie down occasionally. It’s wonderful! They see what counting macros has done and is doing for me and are incredibly supportive. My niece even joined the Stay Fit Mom family! 

Finally losing weight with PCOS counting macros #stayfitmom #PCOS #macrodeit

The biggest challenge I have had to overcome to stick to my plan, is properly planning on busy days or going out of town. This program suits me quite well so it hasn’t been too challenging but there are those days you just don’t want to count. Sometimes those days win but most of the time I can talk myself into sticking to it. 

For me, the coaching is everything! I like the accountability to someone else. On the days I may struggle I think about what my coach will see on the tracker and it motivates me to stick with it. But mostly it’s the weekly check-in with dialed in numbers that tend to change weekly. I love it. 

I think the reason I have been able to see drastic progress while not working out very much is due to feeding my body properly. Without the proper knowledge, who in their right mind would say “I know, I need to eat 160 grams of protein a day, that’s what will help my body.” No one! 

My advice for anyone considering counting macros is in the words of Nike, “Just Do It”. It won’t hurt you to try and it’s worth seeing if it works for you. I’ve never been a diet fad person, I simply wanted to eat the best way for my body with my health issues, and I finally found it.  Health issues or not, this program is for just about anyone. The coaches teach you to feed your body the nutrients it needs and when you do that, you speed up your metabolism and find strength and energy.

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