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How are women like us living up to the pressure of balancing everything? We have jobs, husbands, and kids we take care of every single day. We can’t go to the bathroom alone or often don’t sit down once during the day. None of us can balance it all, and we sometimes need a break. Stepping away from the everyday grind for some girl talk and R&R can be a blessing, let me tell you!

Every week hundreds of women are checking in to the Stay Fit Mom virtual community. We get a small snapshot into their lives and we feel like we know them. Toddler tantrums, date nights, marathons, deployments, miscarriage, weddings, financial victories, and family tragedy are just a few life’s highs and lows we experience together.  Stay Fit Mom is about more than macros.  

At the Stay Fit Mom Ninja Retreat we got to take those weekly snapshots and see them come to life. These women were EXACTLY who we thought they were. Beautiful, kind, fun, honest and REAL. 

Movie night, cooking together in the kitchen, manicures, board games, massages, workouts, sight seeing, sleeping in, and hiking were on the itinerary. But our sole agenda was community. When we think back on the weekend together we’re going to remember laughing around the dinner table and everyone’s stories. The conversations with these women came naturally, just as expected. We knew we were part of an amazing community of women virtually, and this retreat confirmed it. They came as clients, and they left as friends. 

The weekend left such an impression on us all, we know it must be done again! Mark your calendars ladies for July 10-12 in Las Vegas!! We’ll be staying at the beautiful Lotus House and you won’t want to miss this one Ninjas!! Tickets will be limited so grab yours ASAP! See below for details.

If you have a minute to spare give our friends at The Lotus House a like on Facebook for us, it would mean so much! This amazing house is available for your own Las Vegas planning needs. Reunions, parties, staycations, and gatherings of any kind!


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