Counting Macros is Hard

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  • Cooking a healthy meal after a long day of work & kids activities is hard. 
  • Figuring out a time to get to the gym between kids, work, life, etc. is hard.
  • Waking up early to give yourself more time to do what’s necessary for your health is hard.
  • Starting to eat more protein is hard.
  • Eating more veggies and focusing on fiber is hard.
  • Estimating your food at a restaurant is HARD. 
  • Tracking every meal you eat is hard.
  • Getting more steps in is hard.
  • Staying on track on the weekend is hard. 
  • Saying no to alcohol is hard.
  • Meal prepping is hard. 
  • Prioritizing your own nutrition and macros when your kids are sick is hard. 
  • Changing your mindset is hard.
  • Starting ANYTHING new is hard.

…Until it’s not. Until it’s a habit and it’s automatic. And your brain lets you focus on how good you feel when you do those “hard things”, instead of how hard it is to get started on those things. 

Want to know what’s also hard?

  • Being unhealthy is hard.
  • Being tired and weak is hard. 
  • Not feeling comfortable in your clothes is hard. 
  • Sleeping poorly is hard.
  • Constantly craving food is hard.
  • Always being hungry is hard. 
  • Lacking self confidence is hard.
  • Constantly living life in a state of restricting and then binging is hard.
  • Not being able to play on the floor with your kiddos is hard.
  • Battling heart disease is hard.
  • Living life with type two diabetes is hard.
  • Having breathing problems, such as sleep apnea and shortness of breath, is hard.
  • Being more susceptible to sickness and disease is hard.
  • Living life at higher risk for anxiety and depression is hard.
How to change your mindset for success with macro counting

Hard is hard. Determine the outcome you want, and maybe things won’t seem so hard to get you there. If you only do the work when it’s convenient, easy, when the kids are healthy, when your social calendar is empty, and motivation is high, then you’ll NEVER be consistent enough to achieve results. 

How to change your mindset for success with macro counting

Instead of focusing on how hard things are, try to change the mental narrative and ask yourself

“How can I make this easier?”

Our words are SO POWERFUL; they dictate our feelings and actions. Putting in the work up front with prepping and planning meals makes sticking to your macros infinitely easier going forward. The results that come with front loading the hard work makes it WORTH IT.

Choose your hard. Focus on the outcome that you want and don’t forget to think of the other side of the coin. How hard will my life be if I don’t do the “hard” thing now?

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