Workout & Track Postpartum Weight Loss

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I’m really excited about sharing some of my new goals with you this week and how I’m going to reach those goals. Three months ago I shared How I’m Losing The Baby Weight Doing Crossfit with all of you and I’m back with an update.  I have been enjoying my precious time with my new little girl and couldn’t be happier.  I may not be losing all the baby weight as quickly as I anticipated but lets be honest, 65lbs is a lot to lose!

When you’re pregnant the desire and determination to lose the weight as soon as the baby comes out is real.  I was so determined to get on track that when January came (4 short weeks after having Makenna) I started my postpartum weight loss journey.  Those first few months I did great and was really happy with my progress. Since then things have slown down dramatically and I clearly need to try a little harder and motivate myself in a new way. I’m currently sitting right around 180lbs ( I have only lost 3 pounds in the last 3 months) and have 30lbs to go. Check out my awesome new Polar Balance Scale below! It syncs with my watch or the app when I step on it. How cool is that!?

Polar scale

You know I love my Polar Watch and have seen me wearing the Polar M400 for some time now.  I’m really excited to show you my new A360 Polar Watch too!Great tips for keeping track of fitness and easy at home workouts

They are both awesome for 24/7 activity tracking(steps, activity, sleep, & calories), smart notifications(incoming calls, messages, etc.) inactivity alerts, and mobile connectivity via Bluetooth Smart to the Polar Flow app on my phone. I could go on and on about why I love Polar so much and all the different things they do but you get the gist.
Great tips for keeping track of fitness and easy at home workoutsAlways keeping my watch on, paring it up with the Polar Balance Scale, and keeping track of my progress on the Polar Flo app is my new goal!  I plan to use them all to their fullest potential to help me reach my goals this summer! Here is a sample of  my first week using the Polar Flo App below. #PolarShapeUpChallenge #FitFluential


 If you want to join me this summer in hitting my goals use code: POLARFITBLOG to get 20% off your own Polar Balance Scale or Activity Tracker!!  (expires 8/31/16)

Have you done your workout today?  If not give this weeks weekly workout  a try! This workout will be part of an ebook for the #PolarShapeUpChallenge.


Weekly Workout:

5 Rounds of:

  • 6 Alternating Dumbell Snatch
  • 10 Overhead Walking Lunges
  • 30 Double Unders



I love these weekly workouts I can do at home!

Equipment Needed:

  • Dumbbells (I used 20lb dumbbells)
  • Jump Rope
  • Keep track of your time using a  watch (I used my Polar watch)

I love these weekly workouts I can do at home!


Always modify if needed.  If you’re not comfortable doing the snatch movement, simply switch it out for a push press.  If you aren’t sufficient with your double-unders just do 60 single-unders instead. Never be ashamed of modifying movements because you’re still going to get a great workout in!

I love these weekly workouts I can do at home!

I did this workout a few days ago and I’m a little sore.  I even shared with you all on Instagram that I got my 30 double unders(new postpartum PR) without peeing my pants! Winning!!

My favorite post workout snack these days is a rice cake topped with some plain Greek non-fat yogurt sweetened with a few drops of liquid stevia and sprinkled with cinnamon. Yum!this high protein snack looks great!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Polar US . The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I just wanted to say great job! I had my third baby on Halloween and was in marathon shape at the beginning of my pregnancy. I thought the weight would peel off, nope. While I continued to exercise and eat well, the weight loss has been very very slow. The baby just started solids at 7 months and all of a sudden the pounds are consistently coming off. Sometimes it is truly just hormones holding on to the weight.

    1. Thank you Alexis! Maybe with her eating solids now my pounds will come off quicker too! I’m hopeful once I’m done nursing that will help too.