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I read a Facebook post yesterday from a woman about how other women shouldn’t fall into the trap of dieting and that the fitness industry is basically a big scam.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day and honestly it really bothered me.  I think as women we find comfort in sticking to a diet and exercise program, or at least I know I do.  I like knowing what I should or shouldn’t eat, how much of something I should eat, when I should try and eat it, etc.  For me it takes all the guess work out of it and I see results quickly.  I don’t consciously make healthy food choices 100% of the time, or even 80% of the time when I’m not “dieting”, so sticking to a plan works for me.  Yes, Tracy and I are currently macro counting to help us lose our pregnancy weight, but we won’t be counting and weighing our food forever.  For now it’s working GREAT for us and we love helping other women find success with it too.  In the future I plan to do many more Whole30’s, count my macros occasionally, heck, maybe try a 21 day sugar detox, who knows!?  All I’m saying is if dieting works for you like it does me, don’t feel bad about it!

I also like to follow an exercise program because I don’t like to worry about what muscle groups I should be hitting each day, or how much cardio I should do because that part is already figured out for me.  Tracy goes to Crossfit Apollo and they tell her exactly what workouts to do, I follow Crossfit Invictus’ workouts and do them in my garage.  If you don’t have access to a gym, if you don’t have much of your own equipment at home, or if you’re traveling, our weekly workouts are the perfect option for you! They are 100% free to browse through and I promise there is no scamming involved!

Perfect at home CrossFit Workouts from Stay Fit Mom!

great workout to do at home sometime

Weekly Workout:

Complete for time:

  • 100 Jump Squats
  • 80 Sit-ups
  • 60 Goblet Squats
  • 40 Push-ups
  • 20 Squats with alternating leg lift
  • 10 Burpees

Equipment Needed:

  • Keep track of your time using a watch or a Timer.  (We frequently use the MYWOD app and recommend it to our readers.  You can keep track of your workouts, they’ve got How To videos, and of course the app has great timers.)

Modification Options:

  • Be sure to modify this at home workout to your ability level.  If you are a beginner you can cut the workout in half.  This would mean do 50 jump squats, 40 sit-ups, etc.  If you finish the modified version in under 10 minutes than you know it was too easy for you!

I could do this at home!

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calculating your macros

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