Macro Counting Made Easy

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Let’s talk about a powerful tool that has helped thousands of our clients reach their goals: MACRO COUNTING.

What is Macro Counting?

Macro counting involves tracking the three main macronutrients your body needs: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. By understanding and balancing your intake of these nutrients, you can optimize your diet to support your specific health and fitness goals.

Counting macros is very similar to counting calories in the fact that you track what you eat.  However, instead of just focusing on hitting a certain amount of calories each day, you’re aiming to hit a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat grams.

Great Macro Hacks for those new to macro counting from!

Here is an example of what someones macronutrients could be: 135 grams of protein, 160 grams of carbohydrates, and 68 grams of fat (This is totally random, everyone’s macro should be tailored to their specific lifestyle and goals. See below: How to calculate your macros).

Why Count Macros?

Customized Nutrition:

  • With our 1:1 nutrition program we specialize in tailoring your diet to your unique lifestyle given your personal goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, increased energy levels or maintaining your physique. Learn more about what’s included in our 1:1 coaching program HERE. See some of our clients’ transformations HERE.

Balanced Eating:

  • Macro counting ensures that you’re getting the right proportions of nutrients for optimal energy and performance. It can also be an effective tool for regulating your glucose levels.

Greater Awareness:

  • When you learn the tool of macro counting, you become more mindful of what you eat and how it impacts your body. Learning how to macro count can make you a better intuitive eater long after you stop weighing and measuring your food.

How to Start Counting Macros:

Determine Your Goals:

  • Decide whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain your current weight.

Calculate Your Macros:

  • Click HERE for a step by step tutorial that will help you calculate your macros on your own. Want us to do this for you? No problem. Click HERE. Want us to not only set your macros, but adjust them every week based on your biofeedback and results as well as hold you accountable? Click HERE.

Plan Your Meals to Fit Your Macros and Track Your Intake:

  • Plan your meals to fit your macros. Click HERE to learn how to do that. Use a food diary app to log your daily intake of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Adjust Your Macros:

  • Regularly review your progress and adjust your macro targets as needed to continue moving towards your goals. Click HERE to learn more about that process.

Where to Get Macro Counting Support:

You’ve hit the macro counting support JACKPOT. We specialize in helping beginners find their groove and thrive…

  • Get 1:1 Macro Coaching HERE. A 6 week, individualized nutrition program designed to fit your lifestyle. We will guide you through macro counting and help you reach your physique, performance, and health goals.
  • 1:1 Coaching includes:
    • Your Own Stay Fit Mom Coach: You’ll be assigned your very own Stay Fit Mom coach to be accountable to for 6 weeks. Your coach will set and adjust your macros every single week as needed.
    • Starting Macro Count: You will fill out a detailed questionnaire for your coach before starting the program. Based on your questionnaire answers and the information you provide, your coach will assign you a custom set of macros to begin with. your coach will email you your starting set of numbers within 72 hours of completing the questionnaire.
    • Weekly Check-ins and Macro Adjustments: Each week you’ll receive a new link via email to your weekly check in. Your coach will provide you with helpful feedback, macro adjustments and guidance within 24 hours.
    • The Stay Fit Mom Nutrition Handbook
    • ALL Ninja Insider perks Included (see below).
  • Join our macro support group Ninja Insider HERE. Ninja Insider is a great fit for you if:
    • You’re not ready to jump into one-on-one coaching, but you’d like a taste of the community and exclusive perks.
    • You’ve had a macro coach in the past, but you’re not quite ready to navigate completely on your own.
    • You have your macros set and you’re willing to adjust them on your own while being accountable to other ninjas.
    • You’ve hit your weight loss goals and moved on to maintenance, nut you don’t want to fall nback into old habits and could use the extra motivation to stay committed.
    • Want access to the very best content from Stay Fit Mom FIRST.
  • Ninja Insider includes:
    • Community Support & Accountability
    • Access to all of Stay Fit Mom coaches
    • Exclusive Recipes (3 months worth of Monthly Macro Meals)
    • 6 Week At Home Dumbbell Workout Program
    • Weekly Facebook Live SOS videos & SOS video archive
    • Exclusive Discounts for challenges and merch!

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