Why I Love Having a Macro Coach

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“Geez, I feel fat today.  Is this macro thing even working for me?  I don’t look any different than I did 4 days ago, and the scale hasn’t budged.  I think I’ll go eat cake and forget about this whole thing.”

Believe it or not, these are all thoughts that go through MY head on a DAILY basis while tracking macros.   There are days when I feel super confident about the progress that I’ve made, and other days when I feel like I’m at a standstill.  Weight loss for women is an extremely emotional process.  I have discovered, from personal experience, that no matter how quickly I make progress (in the performance OR cosmetic department) it’s NEVER fast enough.       

A macro coach is able to make confident unbiased adjustments based on your progress and food logs each and every week.  As a client, this takes loads of anxiety off of my plate.

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When I first started CrossFitting, one of the things I liked most about it, was having a coach that told me EXACTLY what to do.  I didn’t need to come up with my own workouts, wonder what muscles needed to be worked next, or worry about rep schemes.  I just FOLLOW instructions.  The same is true for having a macro coach.  There is no need to wonder about when or how to make your own macro adjustments.  As a client, you just need to FOLLOW the instructions of your macro coach and TRUST the PROCESS.

Chances are there are MANY contributing factors in your life that impact your fat loss, and yet we so quickly forget about these details.  There is SO much more to fat loss than simply food.  Are you getting enough rest?  What’s your fiber intake?  How many ounces of water are you drinking on a daily basis?  What’s your performance like on a day-to-day basis in the gym?  What are your energy levels like at home?  What’s your quality of sleep like?  How much alcohol do you consume on a weekly basis?  A macro coach analyzes MORE than food journals.

Experiencing food boredom?  Lacking motivation to continue?  Need others to hold you accountable?  Need to figure out how to hit your macros in a pinch? Wondering if other people are experiencing similar struggles?  There is SO much power in a solid community of women supporting each other in a Macro Coaching environment.    

If you are interested in Macro Coaching (which includes 4 weeks of one-on-one nutrition counseling tailored to your diet, macro adjustments, meal ideas, high levels of accountability and additional support) Stay Fit Mom Macro Coaching services are for you!  Click HERE to join our next coaching group!

We want to help you get healthy, lose that stubborn baby weight, feel confident in your skin, gain strength, or whatever your goals may be by counting macros and using flexibility just like we are!

calculating your macros

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Macro Coaching Services available at StayFitMom.com!

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