If Calories are King, Why Count Macros?

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In the hierarchy of nutrition priorities, calories are king.  You can read more about that hereIF CALORIES ARE KING, WHY COUNT MACROS?​​​​​​​

If you aren’t familiar with counting macros, check out Macro Counting 101. 

Table of Contents

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat

PROTEIN:  Protein is critical to help protect our skeletal muscle mass and build muscle.  As we age, we lose muscle mass.  Did you know that the loss of bone mass is directly linked to the loss of skeletal muscle mass?  Healthy muscle mass is the key to keeping up with your kids, and long term health! When we lose weight, our bodies first want to metabolize muscle.  By eating enough protein, you are protecting your muscle mass.  Macro Counting PRIORITIZES FAT LOSS not WEIGHT LOSS!  If you are just counting calories, you can drop weight faster, but it will also come at the cost of your muscle mass!  If you lose muscle mass, your metabolism cannot burn as many calories. If you have been in an endless cycle of low calorie eating and non stop cardio, you have unknowingly been diminishing your muscle mass and reducing your metabolism’s ability to burn calories.  If this is you, have you found that no matter how low you drop your calories, you can’t lose fat? Now, you know why!  This is why reversing, eating enough protein and giving your metabolism time to recover is critical. You can read more about reversing here. Protein helps us feel and stay full!  If you hit your protein number, you are far less likely to fill up on extra carbohydrates and fats! Protein is the secret sauce to the AMAZING body composition changes that you see in our program.  Body composition changes are FAR more drastic than the change on the scale. 

CARBOHYDRATES: Carbohydrates are our primary source of energy.  They are not the enemy!  They are vital to workout performance, recovery and our overall energy.  Choosing the best carbohydrates matters.  Here is more on that: Not all Carbs are Equal. If you lift weights, run or exercise, carbohydrates are critical!  

Carbohydrates also play a role in hormone regulation and many important functions of the body including metabolizing protein! Some of our most micronutrient dense foods come from carbohydrates!  Hello fruits and vegetables!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FAT:  Dietary fat does not equal body fat!  So many of our women come to us with fat numbers below 50 grams.  It makes us want to cry.  Fat is what makes food taste delicious, so who wants to live that way?!  Fat is critical to healthy hormones and brain function…especially as we age!  Fat also plays a key role in metabolizing protein! Fat helps you feel satisfied and full after eating.  When you feel satisfied, you are less tempted to overeat!


YES!  By tracking macros, you are managing your caloric intake!  One gram of carbohydrates or protein is always 4 calories!  One gram of fat is always 9 calories.  By hitting your macros, you will stay within the correct calorie range!  


Consistency is the backbone of success with ANYTHING.  Nutrition is no exception.  Consistency is critical to counting macros because it helps us make the very best adjustments for you based on your biofeedback.

Eating in a balanced way gives you the freedom to eat a variety of foods that satisfy you.  This flexibility will help you stay consistent in your nutrition as you work toward your goals!


Our endgame is to teach women to eat in a sustainable, balanced way.  We don’t want you to have to track your food forever!  If you can build a balanced plate, you can have the confidence to eat anywhere and fuel your body well for life!

How do you know what a balanced plate looks like?  By counting macros and working with a coach to get your protein into ideal range and balance your carbs and fats, you will learn EXACTLY what your food consists of and how to make the best choices to fuel your body.

Establishing a healthy lifestyle is all about building habits.  Habits have to be sustainable!  Tracking macros not only gives you the tools to achieve your goals, it gives you the education and the habit of balanced eating to sustain your progress and feel your b​​​​​​​est!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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