Client Spotlight Kristi O’Brien

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This client spotlight is a special one. Not only are we highlighting Kristi’s incredible journey with SFM today, but we’re also introducing you to the newest member of the Stay Fit Mom coaching staff!

A few things we LOVE about Kristi… her SFM story (read below), her resilience, patience, heart for the community, and eagerness to help other women right where they are!

Coach Jamie writes,

“Kristi has been all-in since she started counting macros with us in January 2019. She struggled on the first week like we all do, and told me in her first check-in that she learned she was savage enough to eat a whole dry can of tuna or put butter on Teriyaki Chicken – anything to hit those numbers green! She added that she also quickly learned that the better she balanced her meals, the less weird stuff she had to do. 

She also had a big birthday 11 days in – her 40th! – and still chose to hit her numbers. Her first six weeks she gave it her all, hitting her macros every. single. day. She went from averaging 1830 calories to 2000 and dropped 10 pounds and 15 inches during that time. And she was just getting started!
Weight loss slowed down after the first session, but Kristi has remained consistent with her macros and workouts, as well as hilarious and positive every single week. 11 months later, she is down 34 pounds and reached a huge goal of entering one-derland!!

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Kristi’s latest check in read, ‘You know by now that I don’t fret about the scale, but this number is a little special. When I got back into working out and lost a bunch of weight unknowingly shutting down my metabolism, the lowest I ever saw was 193.5. Today I am 193.4. This makes me happy dance because I made it back eating more, feeling better and it is sustainable!’

She has had the occasional vacation, vacation hangover, sickness, sick kid – all that messy life stuff – but she always hits when she can, and when she can’t, she rolls up her sleeves and gets right back to it.

Every week, Kristi ends her check-in the same way: ‘I’ll hit what you give me!’ That positivity, determination and trust in her coach represents Kristi perfectly!”

Kristi’s Coach’s bio:

Kristi has always loved playing sports, working out and lifting.  After a busy season of career and having babies, she found herself at 240 pounds and needing to start over.  Determined to be able to outrun her kids, she dug in and established a great workout routine and lost the weight quickly eating low carb.  Despite consistent exercise, the weight began to creep back a year later and was not responding.  After much research, she joined a Stay Fit Mom Coaching Group in hopes that Macros could help fix her busted metabolism.  Now, in her 40’s and loving carbs, she is leaner and stronger with better body composition.  Kristi is excited to encourage other women on their journey to wellness and strength!  She loves Jesus, her husband of almost 14 years and her two daughters who are 9 and 4! 

You can expect to see a lot more of Kristi in the near future and we know you’ll love her every bit as much as we do!

Thank you TNGphoto for the beautiful pictures of Kristi. Contact Nate if you’re local to Las Vegas.

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