12 Days of Christmas Workout

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It’s no secret that November and December are slow months for the fitness industry.  Tracy and I have been spending lots of extra time with family, helping our macro clients get through this crazy time, completing the #sfm25daychallenge, and gearing up for January when things get crazy!  We love January because everyone makes new commitments to living healthier and starting the new year off right.  With all that said, here is a peak at a few things we’ve been up to the last few weeks:

Tracy has been doing daily Facebook Live videos in our Free Macro Nutrition Support Group for our #sfm25daychallenge!  If you’ve been tuning in you know today is day 24 and we are going strong!! Tracy has been sharing her daily struggles, successes, weight, and much more! I love tuning in in the evenings to watch what she had to say. You can join the group here and see all the videos which are full of useful info for those interested in macro counting!tracy-2

Makenna turned one this month and is already running around and just loving life!  We love these super cute, highly functional new shoes from Bobuxusa.com!  They have a lot of cute styles for girls and boys!  I can’t wait to get ahold of some of the boots for her!  So, so cute.


Brett and Siege were in their first wrestling tournament together!  It was so exciting and I’m so glad Tracy pushed me to sign Brett up for wrestling this year.  He lost every one of his matches that day as expected but I was super impressed that he was brave enough to even go out there!   I can’t wait for the next one!


We spent time with my grandma Marianne over the Thanksgiving holiday and she always spoils us all with her super adorable hand made hats! We all love rummaging through her bag and picking out our favorites.  If you’d like to support my adorable grandma and purchase some for yourself or kids she has a Facebook page here.  She does custom orders and will ship them to you! I am in love with Makenna’s new hat made out of scraps!  It even has cute little charms attached (not visible in these pictures).Adorable hand made hats by my grandma!

Okay, on with the workout!  If you’re like me you plan to eat ALL. THE. THINGS. on Christmas Eve, Christmas day, day after Christmas maybe…So getting a great workout in before so is a MUST!  This is my favorite workout to do this time of year so I hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think!  This 12 Day’s of Christmas Workout is perfect for doing at home or at someone else’s home who you’re visiting for the holidays because no equipment is required!!

Perfect at home CrossFit Workouts from Stay Fit Mom!


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Workout:At home workout with no equipment needed!

Equipment Needed:

  • ploy box or anything you can step up onto.
  • Keep track of your time using a watch or a Timer.  (We frequently use the MYWOD app and recommend it to our readers.  You can keep track of your workouts, they’ve got “How-To” videos, and of course the app has great timers.)

    Modification Options:

    • Be sure to modify this at home workout to your ability level.  Most of these exercises are fairly simple so no modifications should be needed.

Do your best to complete the workout and have a Very Merry Christmas because you’ve earned it!!

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Last Week’s Exercise Ball Workout:

I love these high intensity quick workouts I can do at home!

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