Trusting the Process

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The relationship between a coach and a client is a very special one.

As coaches, we care so deeply about each and every client. When our client feels defeated, we feel that defeat in our heart. When a client is celebrating a victory, we feel that joy and celebrate right alongside them.  We want a success story for each of our clients so badly, and we want our clients to live their BEST life. We are competitive by nature, and we wish we could physically hand over success to each client. We know how GOOD it feels to achieve results. We know how freeing it is to feel sexy, confident and healthy. We wish we could recruit every woman to join us in this wonderful macro lifestyle. And we want each client to understand HOW we do things, and WHY we do things. Nothing disappoints us coaches more than when a client leaves us before they even have the opportunity to get to the “good part.” Trusting in us as coaches and trusting the data, research and training that we have under our belts is such an important component of seeing success. 

Fear and anxiety are both common emotions that take over when making a lifestyle change. That’s normal and that’s OKAY. It means that you are doing something that will yield results. Change is necessary in order to create a different, more fulfilling outcome. I often reflect on my life before macros and where I would be without SFM. Before becoming a SFM coach, I began as a client. I was tired of swinging back and forth between not eating anything but chicken and vegetables, to not being able to stop binging on everything in sight because I was STARVING. I had anorexia before having my babies, and then after two babies, I felt completely defeated. Then I found SFM. I watched on the sidelines of Instagram for a long time before I jumped in. And when I did jump in, I vowed to commit 110% and give it everything I had. I told Coach Taeya, “I don’t know how to eat like a normal human being anymore. I’m not seeing any results, even though I’m eating 900 calories a day and working out like a fiend.”

Eating MORE food in the right quantities sounded completely alien and downright scary to me. But I needed someone else to take over and just tell me what to do. So I jumped all in and never once looked back, or at what others were doing. When I didn’t see my pictures showing any results for long periods of time, I continued anyway. Even when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, I kept going, because that’s what my coach was telling me to do. I cringe when I ask myself, “what if I never even started SFM, due to fear? What if I would’ve quit in those moments where I felt progress was too slow?” I would be even more defeated and uncomfortable in my skin than I was before. I would still be crying to my husband over my body, my hunger and lack of results. My life would still lack the joy that I now know, thanks to learning from my coach about what true health really looks like, and that consistently eating the right quantities of protein, carbs and fats is the secret sauce that yields results.

Postpartum weightloss macros

What we need all of our clients and potential clients to know is that we are research junkies and firmly believe in numbers and data. We are able to take the emotion and frustration, move it aside and coach each client based on data and research. We know what works because we have spent tremendous time studying about what actually yields results that are healthy and sustainable. We see the much larger picture, not just the here and now. We love sharing our knowledge and honest thoughts, too! We WANT our clients to ask questions because understanding the process ultimately drives compliance. This is freeing because there is no guesswork involved, clients only need to follow the numbers that we are prescribing based on biofeedback and data. 

Another important component is trusting ourselves. It is important to tell ourselves that we WILL be successful and reach goals. We get what we work for, and as long as we work hard, that hard work will yield a positive outcome. And even when we can’t visibly see that hard work on our bodies, we have to remain faithful to the process. There is no timeline to follow when it comes to making visible body composition changes or just becoming a better version of ourselves, because health isn’t a destination. To say health is a destination would be to say that it is possible to be 100% healthy or 100% perfect. No human on this planet is 100% healthy or perfect. We all have something that we could improve upon. This is what makes health a never-ending journey. 

When you feel drained or just completely fed up with the process, lean into us coaches. We are for you, not against you! We have each been through the process ourselves.

postpartum weight loss with macros

All of the things that we ask our clients to do play such an essential role in achieving success. These standards are standards that we hold ourselves to as coaches, as well.

fat loss with macros
fat loss with macro counting
The macro diet really does work and the ladies at Stay Fit Mom are amazing! #stayfitmom #macrodiet #nutritioncoaching

Make the decision to fully embrace the process and trust the logic and data, so that you can experience all of the amazing effects that counting macros can have on the body. Stay committed, stay consistent and KEEP GOING. It is so worth it! 

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