Tips for Macro Counting While Moving

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Moving is a huge time of transition and changes, and during those times of upheaval it can be easy to let our nutrition be the first thing to take a backseat. However, it doesn’t have to be! With a little bit of intention and preparation, you can come out on the other side having maintained that good balance, and you will be so glad you did!

As a military family, we have moved more times than I can count in my lifetime. For me, our home and family time revolve around the kitchen, so that is always my top priority to re-establish after I get my mattress unpacked!

Putting together a tote with kitchen basic items will be the best thing you can do to carry you through the transition. The items I always have in my tote are:

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These items will make it a cinch for you to keep getting good meals on the table for the family until you have your entire kitchen back together. If you are packing yourself, make the kitchen the LAST thing that gets packed up, and the FIRST room that is unpacked when you arrive at your new home. 

As you’re en-route to your new home, keep a cooler that you can stock with string cheeses, yogurt, cut up fruits and veggies/hummus, etc. A snack bag with jerky, protein bars/shakes, nuts and dried fruit will be your bestie to help you fill in the nutrition gaps if you grab a meal on the road. Think about keeping yourself prepared with snacks that are high in single macros to make it easy to balance things out. Read Eating out of a Cooler All Day for more ideas.

Tips to stay on track with Macro Counting During a Move

Consider a meal prep service if it is in your budget as you get through the first busy week or two of settling in. Grab the monthly macro meal plan off of the Ninja Insider page for some meal ideas to help get you back into a routine in your new town. Choose a few recipes to make for the week, put in a grocery order, and make it happen!

Tips to stay on track with Macro Counting During a Move

Jumping into a new routine ASAP will make the biggest difference in helping you find your new normal quickly. It starts in the kitchen with your nutrition, and then flows into everything else! For me, that was finding a new gym and opting to try CrossFit for the first time. It has led me into a great community of folks that are quickly becoming not just workout buddies but friends. Finding your new favorite grocery stores, hairdresser, dentist, a church, activities for your children, all of these things will help you find your balance and purpose in your new location. Moving is a wonderful opportunity to start something new and get out of your comfort zone! It is challenging, but we always come out so much stronger and better for it on the other side! 

Finally, if you’re not in a place to vigilantly track macros during your move check out How to Make Macros Work When You’re not in a Season of 100%.

Tips for when you can't give macro counting your all.

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