The 25 Best Toys For Active Kids

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Growing up in this generation certainly has its advantages.  It’s hard to imagine life without the internet, social media, or google, but when my oldest son said, “iPad” as one of his first words, it really made me stop and think.

As parents we have the opportunity to show our children the value of staying active at a young age.  I’d be lying if I said my kids didn’t get their fair share of, “screen time,” but we balance that, “screen time” with a whole lot of movement and outlets for their energy.  The holidays can be the perfect time to provide kids with toys that they’ll not only love, but will promote healthy bodies and active minds.

This year I’ve taken on the role of a Children’s Leader for my bible study group.  We are in charge of the Precious Peaches; the 3 and 4 year olds.  They are absolutely adorable, but like my kids, they NEED healthy outlets and frequent variation in their activity levels.  Teaching these kids each week has really helped my own parenting.  We stick to a pretty good schedule at home, but I’ve become more aware of my own children’s needs for variety.  After breakfast we may watch TV, but it’s followed up with a large muscle activity like jumping on the trampoline or bike riding.  After that large muscle activity it’ll be time for a more quite activity like a matching game, books, or some Lego building .  These simple additions to our schedule have really helped with their overall behavior!

Raising two rowdy boys has given me an eye for picking out great toys for diffusing energy!  If you’re looking for some active options for Christmas gifts this year, I hope this list help!  Each toy shown in the picture has a corresponding number.  The links for each toy are below each picture next to their corresponding number.

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The 25 Best Toys for Keeping Kids Healthy and Active

Great gift ideas to keep kids moving from

An active mind is just as important as an active body.  These activities can really help challenge your little ones!  Now that our little boys are getting bigger we really enjoy game time as a family!  You can find all of the toys listed below next to their corresponding number.

Great gift ideas to keep kids moving from

  1.  Curious George Matching
  2. Crazy Legs: The Action Game
  3. Building Blocks Set
  4. Train Tracks
  5. Treasure Hunt Game

My kids can’t get enough of the ride along toys!  I’ve seen so many kids with that three wheel scooter and I love to watch them zip around our cul-de-sac!  These toys are all about movement and getting their energy out!

Great gift ideas to keep kids moving from StayFitMom.com6.  Three Wheel Scooter

7.  Active Play Ready Stilts

8.  Monkey Balance Board

9.  Plasma Car

10.  Jump Start Trampoline

11. Foam Pogo Jumper

I love these ideas for the backyard!  My kids LOVE a bouncy house birthday party!  Now you can bring the fun (and exercise) to them!  My precious peaches I mentioned above absolutely LOVE the parachute.  Such a fun activity to do with little ones!  Each of these toys help develop those coordination skills!

Great gift ideas to keep kids moving from

12.  Bouncy House

13.  Gonge Riverstones

14.  Giant Parachute

15.  3 in 1 Gym Set

My kids are turning into little athletes and I LOVE it.  I am a HUGE encourager of children developing an appreciation for athletics at an early age!  We’ve got a lot of years in the gym ahead of us!

Great gift ideas to keep kids moving from

16.  3-in- 1 Net Set

17.  Pro-Ball Set

18.  Dodge Tag

19.  WOD Toys- Kettlebell

We’ve always made it a family priority to live active lifestyles.  One of our bucket list items this winter is to play in the snow.  I’m a do-er.  I’m all about spontaneity, but sometimes our activities require a few extra accessories.  These make great gifts to help support that active lifestyle!

Great gift ideas to keep kids moving from

20.  Snow Boots

21.  Snow Mittens

22. Sports Watch

23.  Swim Goggles

24.  Roller Skates

25.  Soccer Cleats

We hope this list, at the very least, motivates parents to get their kiddos active!  While we may be the internet generation, we have every opportunity and more to give our children the healthy future they deserve!  If Grandma and Grandpa need ideas for Christmas this year, send them this link!

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