Gift List for the Fit Dad

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Last month we put together a Gift List for the Fit Mom and this month, with Father’s Day upon us, we thought we’d come up with the perfect gift list for the fit DAD!

Great gift ideas for the fit dad from

Chris {my hubby} and I have the privlidge of working out together on a daily basis.  We really value that time together.  He’s constantly cheering me on in the gym, even though his athletic ability puts mine to shame.  So much of my success with health and fitness comes from his support.  Watching him role model healthy habits for our children makes my heart skip a beat.

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Chris is definitely NOT the spender in the family, but Father’s Day is one of the days of the year I really get to splurge on him for once.

Workout Favorites:

I have heard amazing things about the Oakley Radar Sunglasses.  My brother’s a cyclist and says these are his new favorite item for functional coverage while riding.  The Hydro Flask Water bottles are the best of the best.  They are slowly becoming the norm at our gym.  They can keep drinks cold for us to 24 hours, and they come in all sorts of colors.  A fitted jump rope, wrist wraps, and foam roller are all great gift ideas for a CrossFitter or anyone that does high intensity training.

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Fit Gadgets:

I love being able to track my progress minute for minute, and the Fit Bit, Garmin, and Heart Rate Monitor do just that.  If your spouse {or dad} is training for a marathon or triathlon race, I highly recommend the Garmin!  That gadget does just about everything you can think of including your pace and mileage.  The Fit Bit tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and even your sleep!  If you’re looking for a less expensive option, the heart rate monitor measures your heart rate during workouts, which can help identify your fitness intensity level.  I suggest doing a little research on each of these products and then choose the gadget that works best for you depending on your training and budget.

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Lululemon isn’t always in the budget for us, but on special occasions we sometimes splurge.  When Lulu’s not in the budget, my hubby loves his Reebok shorts.

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Chris wears out shoes just about as fast as my two and four year old.  The new Nike Metcons are quickly becoming a family favorite around here.  Reebok has come out with a new running shoe called the Reebok Pumps that I’m super interested in trying!  If your hubby (or Dad) is new to CrossFit, Lifting shoes would be an fantastic gift!
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Healthy Meal Planning:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again healthy living happens FIRST in the kitchen and SECOND in the gym.  These gift ideas are a great way to support the man in your life with great food choices.
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Good luck with your Fit Dad shopping this year!  Let us know if you’ve got any other great gift ideas for dad!
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Love these Gift ideas for the Fit Mom from Stay Fit Mom!

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  1. I love my Fitbit. I’m trying to convince my dh to get one to track his steps. I don’t think he gets as much activity as he thinks he does.