Reaching Your Goals with Macros Despite Everyday Obstacles

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We share the good, bad and ugly here.While most of our macro coaching client’s before and after posts show dramatic transformations, today we want to go over what it takes to get there. This process isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and happy “after” photos. It’s grit, perseverance, patience, and staying the course even when others seem to be flying past you.

Every SFM Macro Ninja experiences lows, real lows. Some of this emotional rollercoaster can be attributed to hormones that us lovely ladies experience every 28 days or so, and some of them are just plain frustration with the process. It is tough to see the same number (or a tiny range) on the scale each week. Obstacles come and go for everyone.  Each week we read ninja checkins, many stories of trial, triumph and failure play out.

We have seen the women of Stay Fit Mom overcome things and so many just tread water when that is the only option, because that’s how life is. Sometimes we charge ahead of all things and don’t let stuff get in the way, and sometimes, we just float through the debris. It’s not good or bad.  Trials, and how we deal with them, are just one of those things that happen. 

Unfortunately, our bodies and metabolism’s don’t care if we don’t hit protein because we run out of protein powder, or if we miss our numbers because we had to take our kid to the doctor and the day went to crap, or if we missed because it was Sally’s birthday party.
Listen more about the topic of excuses and how your body responds here.

Macros and how our bodies react to them isn’t uniform either.  We’ve seen clients that strictly hit 7/7 for weeks and lost .4 lbs in a 6 week session and then there’s the lucky few that produce 4/7 consistency and drop 20 lbs.  It is one of those things that is so individual.   

Are you doing something wrong? Are you logging accurately? Are you missing something, read Moving the Needle on Macros and audit your accuracy first.

But mostly today, we want to encourage you to look at and evaluate your ability to commit and adhere to nutrition in general.  There will be a lot of things that come up certain weeks and THAT IS NORMAL and OK.  Everyone does. 

However, most success come when clients rise ABOVE those things that come up and hit their numbers every week.  We want you to keep coming back each week wanting to do better and get progress.  Maintaining your weight during obstacles when strict adherence isn’t a possibility is a WIN.

But for most people maintenance isn’t considered a win. And if you’re one of those people that want progress, we want it for you too. Here’s the secret.

You have to get past the hurdle of the running out of protein, the work potlucks, the nights too tired to track, to have success.  We’ve got to look ahead and have a B and a C plan and implement them when plan A gets a flat tire- because that is just life.  The people that succeed in anything are problem solvers and don’t give up when the first attempt doesn’t work out. 

We know it is frustrating, but we also know we work with the best of the best.  Women who  want to look their best and feel good about themselves.  So you have to decide what you can and will do to get that for yourself. 

If how you are going about this right now isn’t working, it’s time to decide what to change to make it work.  As coaches, we give you the numbers, recommend supplements, lifestyle changes and try to be the best form of support we know how to be through this medium.  But YOU have got to plan, prep, eat and log the food. You have to to do the workouts.  You have to have the positive outlook to make it happen and be the type of person that puts their health and nutrition first! 
Can you do it?  Of course you can. Let me say that again, YOU CAN DO IT!

Now you just have to decide if you WANT to and if you’re willing to sacrifice what it takes to get there.

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