Over 50 and Succeeding with Macros

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I get messages frequently from women that are 50+ wondering if Macros will work for them. Those messages typically look like this,

“You look pretty young. I’m in early menopause and the weight just keeps piling on. Have you ever worked with women over 50?”

While most of the data and research found on macros is compiled from athletic 30-year-olds, our program has been home to many women over 50! In fact, we have an over 50 tribe in our Ninja group that is thriving. I asked these women to share their personal stories about why this process has worked so well for them and here’s a small sample of their responses.

I am 67 and I love this program. It Works!! I had killed my metabolism with low calories, had tried a liquid diet, “watching my weight”, and they just didn’t work for me. Maybe I just didn’t give them a fair chance so it may be on me, but THIS WORKS. I feel so much better and I get to eat. I am limited as to how much I can work out due to a health issue, but this program still works. Of course if you can work out, it is even more effective!!!! I love my coach, Lee Ann, and she is very attentive to my special problems. I can’t say enough good things about this program. My husband can see how much it has helped me and encourages me to continue on my macros. My daughter, Shandra, recommended the macro program for me after she had been on it and it had worked for her. I am so thankful she told me about it.” – Margaret, age 67

women over 50 years old who count their macros and lose fat #stayfitmom #macrocounting #weightloss #over50

“I’m going to be 58 in November. Until a couple of years ago I managed my weight with a quick fix diet. Low calorie, low carb, no fat, no sugar, bars, shakes, intermittent fasting, you name it. I legit did not eat whole food groups out of fear (until a binge of course)! I’ve lost and gained that same 20 lbs so many times it’s sad. 53-ish came along and those quick weight loss methods quit working. In fact, the less I ate, the chubbier I got – hello menopause coupled with a ruined metabolism! Those 20 extra became 30. I’ve been counting macros for 8 weeks and absolutely love it and have been blown away by my results. The biggest surprise is how much food I can actually eat without gaining weight, and in fact losing inches. Not only that, it’s WHAT I get to eat. Nothing is off limits if you plan for it. A whole new world for me. I still have a lot of metabolism healing to do, and I know it’s a slow road to where I’m going, I have years of restricted eating habits to overcome, but counting macros has been so liberating! It may sound silly, but I feel kind of normal. Toast or pancakes at breakfast? Why yes, I think I will! Ice cream sandwich after dinner? Sure, let’s fit that in! Of course, there’s a learning curve and you have to work at it, but after couple of weeks in it was pretty easy to figure out. Planning is key. This week I’m on vacation and haven’t been tracking as diligent as I was, but haven’t had the need to go completely crazy as in the past. I don’t have that “better eat it now, because after Monday it’s off limits” mentality. No guilt!!” – Melissa, age 58

women over 50 years old who count their macros and lose fat #stayfitmom #macrocounting #weightloss #over50

“I will be 56 this October and have been counting macros for about a year now. Once I became an empty nester around 48, I started running again and found CrossFit. I loved being strong and how it improved my running but after nearly 6 years of working out, I had not lost the weight I needed to and knew my nutrition was the only thing that would accomplish it. When I tried macros I knew right away I was going to love it! It was easy to fit into my lifestyle and I didn’t feel deprived. In fact, at first it was hard to eat so much. I found lots of new foods that I love and feel like I have eating habits that are so much healthier and I can maintain. Bonus- I lost 20 pounds and feel great! All while being menopausal and in the age range where everybody tells you it’s hard to lose. Macros are amazing!” -Tanya, age 55

women over 50 years old who count their macros and lose fat #stayfitmom #macrocounting #weightloss #over50

“I am 51 and have been counting macros since November. Prior to counting macros I had tried to lose weight by restricting my calories but the scale just kept creeping up and I didn’t feel great. I was left hungry and frustrated. I saw how fabulous and happy my sister in law looked while counting macros, so my husband and I decided to give macro counting a try. Making the switch sounded more difficult that it was. I was amazed with how much I could eat and wasn’t left feeling hungry. I’ve been able to make recipes that my family enjoys, and I know that I can splurge sometimes and not feel guilty. Planning my food for the day has me making smarter choices on how I “spend” my macros. I love that my body has shrunk by several inches and that I’ve lost 10 pounds.” -Meredith, age 51

“I’m officially one full year into macros coaching after so many years of diets. I’m pretty sure I started my first diet at around age 12. This past year of coaching- being able to view the videos and receive weekly feedback, I’ve realized this is that elusive healthy lifestyle so many talk about but can’t tell you exactly how to achieve it! The results are there in inches and pounds lost but the inner feeling of in doing right by my body finally after all these years is unexplainable. I’ve been bad to my body all these years: deprivation, icky blah grilled chicken and salad, even under 700 calories sometimes! Now I eat, I enjoy food, and I’m even cooking more. I feel like I owe my body the very best these days and macros with SFM has done that for me. Forever grateful to my daughter for giving me that look every time I bragged about not eating all day. She was gently saying that’s not good for you. Also grateful to Tracy and Krista for creating a program and plan that explains healthy eating clearly and to my coach Jamie. I’m back to within 5 pounds of the weight I was when I married 39 years ago!” – Nancy, age 61

women over 50 years old who count their macros and lose fat #stayfitmom #macrocounting #weightloss #over50

“I just turned 50 and was a fad dieter; no sugar, no carbs etc. I would restrict my diet so much that it was only sustainable for about 4 days! I started my macro journey about 7 weeks ago and I feel great, I feel strong and feel happy! I do not feel deprived AT ALL! This is something I had to learn , deprivation is not the key to becoming healthier; a balanced diet that offers choice is the way to go!” – Kelli, age 50

“I am 67 and joined this unbelievable group of macro counting coaches and women in January 2017 with encouragement from my daughter! I have struggled with weight all my life! Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at age 14 I started abusing my body through starvation and yoyo dieting! You name the program and I’ve been on it! I would always lose the weight but could never maintain it! All my life I have had the feelings of unfairness and deprivation when it came to food! As I aged my eating habit resulted in serve mood swings and loss of body muscle! I was in the mind frame of only the number on the scale counted! I learned so much about myself and the importance of good nutrition during my time in this group! All the coaches are unbelievably caring and supportive to all aspects of who you are! Through their guidance I have learned to focus on other important things like my state of mind and overall health! I can’t tell you the improvements I have gained in my overall well being since I have joined this group! My body composition has changed! I am slowly building muscle at my age! My relationship with food is better then it’s every been and I feel overwhelmingly happy all time! My body just looks and feels nourished! I gained the greatest personal gift when I joined and as I have told my coach Tracy (who I adore) I am a macro lifer!” – Sue, Age 67 

Week after week these women inspire us all! We love that after years of searching they’ve found a healthy way to fuel their bodies without depravation and restriction!

Interested in joining our coaching program?  We’d love to help you on your journey at any age!

You can read more about our coaching program here.

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  1. I just found your site from Instagram and I’m just now learning about macros. I follow Dr Mary Claire Haver’s Galveston Diet for post menopausal women and her recommended macros are 70% healthy fats, 20% lean protein and 10 percent carbs. I really like your recipes and I just Spinach Artichoke Chicken Orzo Bakes and it was a fantastic recipe! But I’d like to adjust the macros a bit. Do you have any tips or links to your blog on how to adjust your recipes and alter the macros?