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This client spotlight is a special one. Not only are we highlighting Kirstin’s incredible transformation story with SFM, but… drum roll…we’re also introducing you to the newest member of the Stay Fit Mom coaching staff!

A few things we LOVE about Kirstin… she is committed to fueling her body well while encouraging others to do the same! She is positive, relatable, and her sense of humor is gold! 

SFM: Tell us about yourself!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  

Kirstin: Hi! I’m Kirstin and I’m a compulsive communicator. It’s true I took a test!! The only failing grade I ever got was for talking too much in 4th grade. If you want to grab coffee, have a themed party, or take a group trip I AM YOUR GIRL. I’m originally from Ohio, but after going to college and working outside Chicago, I met my husband who is a fighter pilot in the Air Force (go ahead swoon, I still do) and we have moved ALL AROUND. This summer will be our ten year wedding anniversary and in that decade we’ve packed in having three sweet girls, moving five times, a few deployments and tons of memories. I LOVE the air force life- I’ve often told my husband Jay that the best part of marrying him- besides him, was the people he brought into my life. Our air force people are our family and they’re incredible. I love Jesus, reading, watching movies, going on small, manageable adventures, snacks, and spending time with people I love- and I love pretty fast- I have to since we’re never in one place very long!  

SFM:  What’s made you fall in love with Macros & Stay Fit Mom?

Kirstin: Because of the RESULTS. I worked SO HARD in the gym for SO LONG. Big global gyms doing boot camps and HIIT classes during the baby years and then later on in the CrossFit world, and saw almost zero change. I’d starve myself and do ALL THE CARDIO after each baby to lose weight, but then I’d get pregnant and put it allllll back on. After my third baby I didn’t have it in me to do that again.

When I started going to a CrossFit gym almost two years ago, the first six months were great. I got way stronger, way faster, way fitter, and then it plateaued. And in a year and a half I didn’t lose a SINGLE POUND. A lot of people at CrossFit talked about macros and I even had a coach that gave me numbers, but I could never stick to it for more than a few days. Finally back in October I had had it. I was so tired of feeling uncomfortable in my skin and feeling like my body didn’t reflect the work I was putting in. I knew Tracy and LeeAnn and had been creeping on Stay Fit Mom for years. One day I just pulled the plug, swallowed my pride that I could “Do it myself” and signed up! Hands down, one of the best decisions I’ve made.  From day one, the community was amazing. The accountability and coaching was EXACTLY what I needed. Coach LeeAnn is so helpful and encouraging, and the other NINJAS!! I have internet friends for the first time and I LOVE them (shout-out to my OG’s from the November group).  And I FINALLY saw results. I’ve lost so much fat and built muscle!!

What Coach Lee Ann has to say about Kirstin:

“Kirstin is one of my most consistent clients to date and she has the metabolism of a teenage boy! She came to me underrating and with increased food week after week because my girl is always hungry she has burned all the fat and all her hard earned muscles are popping! Her weekly checkins give me life! She is so positive and funny! She works hard but she also accepts responsibility when she has an off week. I love her commitment and her ability to do what it takes to reach her goals! All in all she is a dream client and a rockstar!”

SFM: We know you love CrossFit.  How has counting macros impacted your fitness?

Kirstin: Macros and CrossFit. So first off, this may sound shallow, but I feel so much better at CrossFit since I started macros! I finally feel the way I look! Just like a new workout outfit gives so much motivation when you feel good, the changes in my body composition because of macros has made going to the gym more FUN! I’m now PROUD of how I look. And the fitness level!! I had plateaued and didn’t know what I was doing wrong. After about a month of Stay Fit Mom EVERYONE at the gym was asking what I had done. I can go so much harder and faster. I mean, I’m still terrible, but now slightly less terrible!

SFM: Your NSV’s are THE best and have us giddy every week. Share a few with the interwebs!

Kirstin: Week 3: I honestly have so many I don’t know where to start! I took TWO MINUTES off my 4 mile running loop time. The only difference was the way I’m eating! At least once a day someone tells me I look better. My husband (who, bless his heart, NEVER says ANYTHING about my weight or body comp, good or bad) has told me more than once how good I look! I’m really not trying to brag, I’m just THRILLED w this process and the results

Week 6: Again, I have so many! My competition on Saturday was incredible. I jerked more than I ever have in my life and we missed third place by ONE POINT!! Out of 24 teams!! Then on Wednesday I wore a fitted sweater skirt WITH NO SPANX! I could literally keep going. When I started this my biggest food issue was binge eating and cravings. I don’t really struggle with this at all with macros. I’m comfortably full and planning my day ahead of time so I have a yummy treat in the evening takes away any cravings or need to eat all the things.                     

Week 11: I ran a mile in 7:17!!! I’ve never done that in my LIFE!!  Next up: in the 6’s!!!! I also put on a pair of pants Wednesday to wear to Bible study and they were straight up TOO BIG. I feel like with jeans they’re so tight and stretchy and high waited that I haven’t really noticed a huge difference, but these were pants that were not too big this fall and now they’re so big they don’t even look right! 

SFM: Have the habits you’ve picked up since counting macros rubbed off on others around you?

The biggest way my habits have rubbed off on others is my husband! Just a few weeks after I started with Stay Fit Mom he started counting too! He saw the results! Also ALL the girls at the gym were blown away and so many have started counting their macros too. 

SFM: What are the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome when it comes to sticking to the plan?

Kirstin: There’s been a few challenges in my macro journey. I have always kind of had an “all or nothing” mentality and I can still struggle with that. When road bumps come, I tend to not track at all and just throw in the towel for the day versus tracking and being mindful even if I don’t come within range of my numbers. I also find travel SO HARD! Props to you ladies who travel for work and make your numbers work because I find that almost impossible!!

SFM: Any advice for anyone considering trying to count their macros?

Kirstin: My advice for those considering macros is JUST DO IT!! I wish I could go back to my younger self who thought 1200 calories a day was healthy and the right thing to do and tell her she’s crazy!!! I wish I could convince my Keto friends that there is NO NEED to eliminate food groups! Macros and Stay Fit Mom have literally changed my life and my ONLY regret is not starting sooner!

Welcome to the Stay Fit Mom coaching team! We’re so lucky to have you!

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