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If you follow fitness influencers or fitness pages, no doubt in the new year your algorithm tempting you with fitness related spending. Everything from supplements, fitness apparel, and fitness equipment has infiltrated your social media feed. Most of the offers are hard to pass by. Deciding what to spend your hard earned money on can become a real first world problem. 

I found myself in this exact predicament recently. While I was pondering and evaluating my options, my mind wandered and a thought came to me. Will these things help me accomplish my fitness goals? Will another supplement help me lose weight? Do I really need another pair of Lululemon leggings when I already have more than there are days in the week? What will spending all my money actually do? The simplified answer; nothing.

While having the best supplements, latest fitness equipment, or comfortable clothes all aid in our fitness journey, real progress comes from consistency, discipline, and hard work. Whether your goal is to lose weight, lift heavier or run faster, consistency and discipline in your nutrition is where the magic happens. This is also the hardest part. The part we could all use the most help. Yet, this is the part most are least willing to invest.

I remember the first time I heard how much it cost to join a Crossfit gym. I couldn’t believe anyone would spend that much money on a gym! Never mind that it had certified instructors that taught every single class. Nope, I signed up for the $25 a month gym and opted out of the personal trainer for $50 extra a month. No way was I spending that much money on my gym. I’m already spending all this on supplements:

  • $35 on preworkout
  • $38 on protein powder
  • $11 on creatine
  • $25 on krill oil
  • $10 on a multivitamin
  • $35 on a nootropic
  • $15 on a probiotic.
  • TOTAL: $169/month

All are very useful. All aid in keeping me healthy. None contribute to my consistency, discipline, or hard work. At least this money is spent on items that positively impact my health. What other things are we so willing to spend our money on that have no impact? Designer coffee, unhealthy fast food, eyelash extensions, streaming services, drinks with friends, fancy restaurants, nails, cell phones, microblading? The answers to that question are very personal but evaluating our spending priorities, especially when it comes to fitness, is beneficial.

I find it so interesting that we will spend $150 a month on a cell phone or TV package, but spending the same amount on personal training or a Crossfit gym is outrageous. How warped have our perceptions become? Money spent on improving your health and fitness will not only positively affect your daily life now, but will pay huge dividends in the future. 

I challenge you to evaluate your priorities and change your perspective on health and fitness spending.

Take a deep look and make the changes that will have a greater impact on your life as you strive to accomplish your goals. And maybe go ahead and buy another pair of Lululemon leggings in they fit in the budget, because life is also about looking and feeling good while you hit your goals in the New Year!

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