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What an exciting day here at Stay Fit Mom!  This new Mom Crush post is looong overdue! I mean, back before this woman was even a mom I was crushing hard on her.  She’s one of the most encouraging, friendly, and STRONG women I know!  When Stay Fit Mom decided to dive into the crazy world of macro coaching, this is the woman we went to first and wanted on our team. Anyone who knows Amy Gearin, loves her!

Inspirational Mommies- Moms who balance family life with fitnessYou’re busy being a wife, mom to the cutest baby ever, running your own dental practice, macro nutrition coaching (to name a few), how do you prioritize it all?

I feel like anything else in life, I go through phases where I’m sinking or swimming at this one. I am a creature of habit and like to be as organized as possible.  I operate well off of making lists of things that need to get done, setting an order to priority from FIRES to less important and then cross it off as it gets done.  There is much satisfaction to me to cross everything off that list and toss that little paper into the trash.  I also have had to learn that I can’t tackle everything that I would like to, and have had to learn to delegate, say no, or let it go.

Your recent transformation photos we posted of you got more social media hype than Tracy’s new rack, why do you think so many people are in Amy Gearin’s corner?

Hahaha. I’m not really sure about that.  Tracy’s new rack is really impressive!  I think that I really love to get to know people and connect with them on a personal level.  It’s amazing how much people appreciate that personal touch these days. Just saying hi and getting to know a detail about someone, then following up on it the next time you see them goes a long way in making others feel loved and important.  It makes my day better to get out of my own space and take interest in others. I think that in turn comes back to you as others being interested in your goals and successes!

Like a lot of women, we know you’ve battled body image issues yourself.  Share with us how you’ve recently overcome these insecurities.

I think that is definitely a life-long battle for me and most other women.  I grew up in a dance background where we would have to get measured and weighed.  I will never forget as an 11 year old writing my weigh of 100lbs on the chart in the locker room and finding an “X” in red pen on it the next day.  That red “X” meant that I was considered ‘overweight’ in my group and needed to take action.  It pretty much set me up for a lifetime of being self-conscious and comparing myself to others despite having a tall, muscular build.  I carried that with me through High School athletics, college, and into my adulthood. I’ve always dieted and always felt like I was too ‘big’.  I think that I finally started to accept myself and my body type as an adult when I became active in endurance sports, CrossFit, and coaching other women.  I was able to see the correlation between nutrition and performance and how excelling in those things led to better results and self-esteem.  Being strong and fit helped me let go of an ideal number on the scale and look and appreciate what my body could accomplish.  As I became a fitness and nutrition coach tailored to women, it further helped me appreciate and love myself with my imperfections, as I helped others overcome their health and fitness obstacles.  It is honestly one of the more fulfilling things that I do in my daily life.  I still have to have pep talks with myself over imperfections I see in my body but it helps so much to shut those demons down to help others celebrate their successes. Being fit and loving yourself is a never-ending journey.

You’ve taken on so many different coaching roles, including Kaia Fit and SFM macro coaching.  What drives you to be such an inspirational force in the lives of women?

Kind of answered above… As women, we are our own worse critics and tend to want to take care of others before ourselves.  I recognize how much eating well and exercising has made a difference in my life in not only how I physically feel, but also how I emotionally feel.  I feel much stronger and more confident when I take care of myself. How can I not want to share that with other women!?

A lot of people don’t know the pain and heartache you and your husband suffered before having sweet, adorable, baby Mack.  Can you share your experiences with us?

I had the experience of having two miscarriages prior to having my first baby.  These happened around 11 weeks pregnant and were both painful and traumatic, physically and emotionally.  It was a struggle to watch others have babies and come to terms with at many times.  I ended up going through some extensive testing to rule out complications and tested positive for a genetic clotting disorder called MTHFR gene. What basically happens is that your body produces microscopic blood clots that eventually can affect the placenta as it grows and result in a miscarriage. It doesn’t necessarily negatively affect your health, except for in pregnancy.  My doctor recommended that I should be placed on a daily regimen of baby aspirin before and during any future pregnancies, progesterone in the first trimester, and be closely monitored. He also offered other fertility options, of which, I didn’t explore.  It was always very tough for me to consider getting pregnant again.  I lived with a lot of fear and emotion before and during my pregnancy.  I am very grateful for my sweet, little miracle and cherish every moment…even the middle of the night crying and poopy diapers!

You are the fountain of youth.  At 39, what’s the secret to looking, feeling, and performing at CrossFit like you’re in your 20’s?

I think making sure that you always have goals and are hungry to accomplish them.  You have to set your priorities and make sure that you leave time to take care of yourself in the midst of all the other day to day things that you need to do.


Thank you Amy for sharing your time with us all!!

As alway, thank you TNGphotography for the amazing pictures of our Mom Crush!

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