Hell Bent on Macros

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When I first started macros with Stay Fit Mom, I was postpartum with a BIG GOAL in front of me. I was focused.  Having a big goal ahead of me made it easier to press in and do the work. 

characteristics of a successful macro counter

Now that I’m in a different season of my journey (maintenance), it can be harder to stay focused long term, especially when you add in the chaos of the stage of life that I’m in.  

Let’s look at a few takeaways from clients that are what we call hell bent on macros.  What can we glean from them?

hell bent on macros

They have determination and they are fixed on a purpose.  This purpose could be anything.  It  doesn’t have to be tied to a scale number or a clothing size.  It could be that you want to make it to the gym regularly. I want to get more sleep so that I can have more energy.  I want to hit my macros because of the benefits that you get holistically as a person.  Be VERY clear about what it is you’re trying to achieve, because that drive must have a purpose.

These women have given themselves no choice but to achieve those goals.

Pick a goal that makes sense for you RIGHT NOW with what is going on in your life, that you can work towards and be successful at.  Successful people are unrelenting towards the pursuit of their goal. They aren’t going to let a Friday neighborhood get together filled with temptation get in their way. Success instead might look like going to a wedding and saying, “I’m going to make sure I hit my macros on my travel day, then on the night of the wedding I’m going to enjoy myself, but the next day I’m going to get right back on it.”

It’s important to remember that successful people ALSO experience setbacks and failures in the pursuit of their goals BUT they get back on track and learn from their mistakes.  Self reflection is KEY to this.  We need to understand where we’re struggling and why. I had a client look at her tracker and vocalize to me, “I can see by the data that Wednesdays are a big challenge for me.  I’m going to try a few different things to see if I can fix that this week.”  This intentionality is KEY to overcoming roadblocks.  

If you’re noticing that you’re slipping up on your neighborhood get-togethers but you know that this time with your friends and family is important to you, pack yourself a cooler with Topo Chico or some non-alcoholic beverage that doesn’t leave you wandering around thinking, “There’s nothing here, so I might as well have that drink.”  This is the type of reflection that spurs an action plan that sets you up for success.

Successful people believe in themselves and develop an inner resolve.  They are adaptable.  This is NOT rocket science.  It’s WORK.  I look at the women in this group that are facing critical things in their life and they’re DOING IT.  If they can, you can!  The only thing that’s in our way, is the thing we’re putting there.  We are creating roadblocks in our own life and if you’re not sitting down and wrestling through what those roadblocks are so that you can take action to get them out of your way, you’re not going to be successful, and there’s nothing that we’re going to do or say to be able to make you successful. 

But you can reach out to this community.  Reach out to the women in this community who are doing this WITH travel baseball, or sick parents, or successful businesses, or cancer, or special needs children, etc, etc.  Read more about leveraging the Stay Fit Mom community HERE.

You need to show up for yourself. Don’t give up on yourself.  Stop shame talking to yourself when you feel like you have failed, you have NOT failed.  Use this perceived failure for fuel to get right back up and just start the new day! That was last week.  That is not today. Today is a new day.  Build momentum from that.

Finally, fertilize a growth mindset.  We are not going to be perfect.  We just aren’t, but the growth comes from failing, learning and trying something new over and over again.

Trade out, “I can’t do it.” for “I’m still learning.  I’ll keep trying.”

Instead of “I’m not good at this,” say, “What can I learn to be better at this?”  

Swap out, “It’s too hard,” for “With more practice this will get easier.”  The actual act of counting and eating macros is NOT hard.  It’s all the other stuff around you that we have to dig in and figure out so we can be better at this simple thing.  

Finally, leave behind, “They are better at this than I am,” for “What can I learn from them?”

Let’s use each other better!  Find accountability buddies.  Celebrate each other and do this together!

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