God Bless Chuck E. Cheese’s

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s . The opinions and text are all mine.

Am I right? Can you collectively join me in an Amen here? As many of you know, I have 3 well behaved boys. They sit and color most days. I rarely have to raise my voice and I beam with pride as they eat their 4 servings of vegetables everyday.

Maybe that’s a wee bit of a stretch. What I meant was they sit and color all over my walls in permanent marker. I rarely have to raise my voice before 6:38 AM and there was that one time that Siege and Milo did the Apollo vegetable challenge for a full 24 hours before gagging up carrots in protest. We’re trying.

The truth is there is a direct correlation between my boys’ naughty behaviors and limited opportunities to get their energy out. Summer has proved that it is NECESSARY for these rambunctious boys to sweat AT LEAST once per day in order to have a semi-functioning household. The issue is we live in Las Vegas where temperatures have finally cooled to a delightful 97 degrees and sometimes playing in the backyard just isn’t an option.

When I see businesses like Chuck E. Cheese’s making continual efforts to support Las Vegas families, it’s a breath of fresh air. On August 22nd, the boys and I had the privilege of attending the re-opening event at the 9230 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas location.Chuck E Cheese's is a mom's best friend!

The first thing that caught our eye was the brand new interactive dance floor! My boys love to dance and watching it light up with their every move was awesome.

My favorite new addition is the All You Can Play passes. Instead of paying for tokens, you pay for time. The kiddos can play as MANY games as they want until the time on the pass runs out. What’s better is that your kids can pause these cards up to one time at the kiosk. When it’s time to eat, or if they’re celebrating a child at a birthday party, they find a kiosk and pause play so they don’t miss out on any game time! It’s endless games for kids starting at $9 for 30 minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the entire Chuck E Cheese’s menu in MyFitnessPal! Their pizza is pretty macro friendly AND they have a fabulous salad bar!

Chuck E Cheese's is a mom's best friend!

Did I mention that they have outlets at EVERY table? Perfect for charging electronic devices. It was nice to be able to get a little bit of work done while they played. I took comfort in knowing that a Chuck E Cheese’s employee was in constant guard of the exit so that no child could leave the building without a parent. Not that they’d ever want to… I’m pretty sure my kids would would move in if I let them.

Chuck E Cheese's is a mom's best friend!

The new dance floor, All You Can Play Passes, macro friendly menu, charging stations and gated exits made the day at Chuck E. Cheese’s enjoyable for the whole family!

On behalf of exhausted moms everywhere, THANK YOU Chuck E. Cheese’s!

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