Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Breast Augmentation

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This isn’t the post where we tell you a boob job will solve all of your problems. This also isn’t the post where we tell you that altering your appearance in any way, shape or form detracts from the message that you’re beautiful just the way you are. Yet for some reason, society really loves to pin women in one of these two camps.

Meet Tracy (myself) and Krista, two moms who’ve celebrated exactly who we are BOTH before AND after plastic surgery.

Breast implants have NOT made our lives any easier. Breast implants haven’t brought us anymore lasting friendships or improved our marriages. Our new racks didn’t change the amount of clients that came in or left.

But there was ONE thing that having breast augmentation DID do for us. It made us stand a little taller.

The Stay Fit Moms share their story and answer the FAQ of breast augmentation.

And that simple fact – knowing a few hundred CC’s of silicone would bring us more CONFIDENCE in the dressing room and in the bedroom- is the reason we see the value in what any physical transformation can do for a woman. It’s why we can passionately coach women to fit into a bikini at the beach or a bridesmaid dress for her sister’s wedding.

We acknowledge that finding confidence in yourself is ALWAYS a worth while effort.

Today, I’ll answer every frequently asked question we’ve ever received as I publicly journeyed from 34A’s to 34D’s.

The Stay Fit Moms share their story and answer the FAQ of breast augmentation.

What type of implants do you have and how much did it cost?
Neither of us had lifts. We were both told we could use a lift now or eventually, but would likely be happy with just the implant and we are. We both went under the muscle as recommended by our doctor. We used the same doctor out of West Jordan, UT and we each paid just under 6K for everything.

The Stay Fit Moms share their story and answer the FAQ of breast augmentation.
The Stay Fit Moms share their story and answer the FAQ of breast augmentation.

Do you ever feel judged that you spent thousands on cosmetic enhancement? How do people in your immediate and not so immediate circle feel?

You can read more about my decision to get breast augmentation here, but one thing you’ll need to come to terms with if you’re considering adopting some twins of your own, is that EVERYONE has an opinion about boobs, and like every single other adult decision you’ve ever made in your life, you’ll need to tune out the noise and discover exactly how YOU feel about it. We can’t control wether or not we’re judged, but I can say this with certainty, if I made every decision in my life based on the fear of what others would think or say, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning. To be honest, there weren’t many people in my life (inner or outer circle) that didn’t champion me along. I had no idea how many women actually had gone through breast augmentation and when I opened up humbly to others, they reciprocated with their own stories, and that’s always why I’ve felt comfortable sharing. The benefits of vulnerability continue to outweigh the risks.
That all being said, don’t you dare feel pressured to share ANYTHING about your breast augmentation with anybody. I assumed the second I got my new rack EVERY single person was going to notice my new jugs and ask me all sorts of questions about them, and to say I was a bit nervous about that was an understatement, but the truth was there were very few people that noticed even though I had publicly blogged about my decision AND drastically altered my cup size. Krista didn’t make her decision public for over a year and nobody raised an eyebrow.

How did you choose a doctor and how did you choose a size?
My advice for choosing a plastic surgeon is the same advice I give to anybody on the hunt for a CrossFit gym or mommy group. Ask other people you trust that have had good experiences, give those suggestions a try, and then commit to what feels right. Then TRUST that the doctor you’ve chosen, that has worked with thousands of clients and has seen every situation under the sun, will be able to help you choose a size that fits what you’re looking for.

How bad was the pain and what’s recovery like?
I’m never quite sure how to answer the pain question, but I remember wondering the same thing before my surgery. I guess I’d compare it to childbirth, not in the sense of the pain, but just that everyone’s experience is so different. My greatest advice is to stay on top of your pain meds and be ready to utilize help from your spouse and/or family. You will NEED help. Chris spoon fed me the first two days because I couldn’t lift my arms.
Simple tasks that you take for granted; opening the refrigerator, picking up your toddler, reaching to grab an object, will all require assistance the first 1-14 days post surgery.
Krista and I both had the luxury of staying in a hotel for 2-3 nights post surgery (which was the most intense, in terms of pain) away from little ones that demanded our every need. Right around day 10, Krista and I both remember turning a corner on recovery.

This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase something from these links, we could earn a small commission.  This would be at no additional cost to you.We put together a list of items we used post surgery with Amazon links below. Most of these items can also be found at your local grocery store or Walmart.

Button up shirts
Wedge Pillow
Ice packs
Zip up bra
Heating pad
Bendy straws
Stool softeners, smooth move tea
Vitamin E
​​​​​​Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil (for scars)

How did you modify your workouts and are you able to do everything you did before now that you’re fully recovered?
We both followed the doctors orders which was no exercise whatsoever until 3 weeks post surgery. At 3 weeks post surgery we began lower body exercises.
Week 3-5 post surgery (no arms):
✅air squat
✅air dyne (no arms)
✅Step ups
✅back squat
✅burpee roll ups (start in a standing position, squat and fall to your bum, roll to your back and roll back to your feet)

Weeks 5-8 post surgery (minimal arms):
✅8-10 lbs wall ball
✅Russian KB swings
✅front squat
✅ring rows
✅PVC pass throughs
✅Sumo Deadlift High Pull
✅single unders
✅farmers carry

Week 9 Post surgery:
✅jumping pull ups
✅Double unders
✅kettle bell swings
✅push ups to a box
✅box jumps

12 weeks post surgery:
Resume all exercises- pull ups, push ups, T2B, muscle ups, HSPU, etc.- as you’re ready.

You will lose your strength, but you will get it back if you train smart and you’re patient. Right around 16 weeks post surgery I was able to do a muscle up again.

What did you tell your kids?
At the time of the procedure my kids were 7, 5, and 18 months. My two older boys were old enough to recognize that our normal routine would be significantly interrupted and so I made the decision to tell them. I’m paraphrasing here, but I basically went with, “You ruined mom’s boobs, so a doctor is going to fix them.”
In all seriousness, it opened up the door for some great questions about pregnancy and the human body which our family welcomes and discusses openly. But again, that was our decision, you make peace with yours.

What was your nutrition like post surgery? Did you track your macros?
It isn’t uncommon for women to gain 10+ pounds post-surgery because of such a decrease in activity level.
For this reason, we stayed vigilant with our nutrition. After the first week post survey we resumed with tracking our macros with our coaches and altering those numbers as our activity level slowly picked up.

The Stay Fit Moms share their story and answer the FAQ of breast augmentation.

Are you glad you went through with it? Are they what you expected?
Yes. We both love our upgrades and have no regrets, but this is also a good opportunity to tell you they’re not perfect. Both Krista and I notice the imperfections, but just like with anything else, nobody notices your own imperfections as much as you do. If you go into any plastic surgery with the expectation that your every imperfection will be eliminated you’ll be sorely disappointed.

The Stay Fit Moms share their story and answer the FAQ of breast augmentation.

We hope this post helped answer some of your biggest questions! If you’ve got more, don’t hesitate to send us an email: [email protected]. You can find us on Instagram @stayfitmomblog and @stayfitmom_com.

Stay tuned for details COMING SOON for our 2019 Bikini Bod Challenge.

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    1. You’ll want to confirm with your doctor but I haven’t had issues with pull ups or push ups since I got my implants 4 years ago.

  1. This was really reassuring to read about subpectoral implants, thank you for sharing! Can you share any additional information about the shape and profile of the implants you both selected? Are you still happy with the selections years later? Do either of you regret not getting a lift with the augmentation? Your results are fantastic in these photos and have made me feel much more optimistic about being active and getting subpectoral implants.

    1. We both have moderate profile. I am VERY happy (Tracy), but I think Krista wishes she would’ve gotten the lift. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Hi , this is great info. Was the surgery under or over the muscle ?? Got mine done 12 weeks ago and I’m terrified about trying pull ups but also don’t want to wait anymore (under the muscle).