Why I Cried Tears of Joy When I Shoved My Kid Out the Door For Kindergarten

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Let me start by saying I don’t have a black heart, and I REALLY do love my kids, BUT whoever came up with the phrase, “Separation makes the heart grow fonder” just might have been an exhausted mom of 3 sending her kindergartener off to school for the first time.  I’ve had the privilege of staying home with my oldest son since the day he was born.  For just about six years we have spent every moment of his little life together.  I can remember the first time he reached up for me when he got hurt like it was yesterday.  His first step, his first word, his first everything he experienced with me and pretty much only me, so I get it when moms tear up and brace themselves as they hug their kid good-bye for a whole new adventure that they’ll experience without them.  BUT as I blew Siege a kiss from afar and watched him walk into school for the first time, I took a deep breath and realized my life was about to change FOR THE BETTER… and I was SO right.

Tears of joy on the first day of Kindergarten from StayFitMom.com.

Let me put the context of my life into perspective for you.  In the past 5 months I’ve visited the pediatrician more times than I’ve slept through the night.  I’m almost positive my 3- and 5- year-olds have secretly been on a mission to set a world record for “most fights in a single summer.”

Also, if you’ve visited my house recently you’re probably wondering what has happened to my floor.  I promise you, it’s under there somewhere.  I also shower.  You bet I do.  When my baby happens to nap while my big kids are occupied, and I don’t have 5 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, or dishes piled high in the sink, or don’t need a nap myself, I’m all about that shower.  So basically I shower once a week.

I am living life on the edge, people.  I never know what the day will bring.  Will Milo refuse to eat his dinner, demand Mac ‘n Cheese, and then refuse that too?  Will Siege dump out every toy bin in the house looking for the Lightning McQueen race car I gave to goodwill 3 months ago?  Will Oliver scream in his car seat for the 35-minute drive across town?  In case the suspense is killing you, let me fill you in… YES.  The answer is YES to all of it.Exhausted mom of 3 cries tears of JOY over kindergarten.

So on that blissful Monday morning, the day I shoved my kid out the door for kindergarten, we were READY for the start of something new, and it has NOT disappointed!  I could go on and on about how much we are all loving school life, but below are the three things that have resonated with our family the most.Exhausted mom of 3 cries tears of JOY over kindergarten.

  1.  New Friends.  I had NO idea how many kindergarteners lived within walking distance of our house.  Walking to school each morning and afternoon has forced us out of our bubble of isolation.  Not only does Siege have new friends, but his new friends have awesome parents, which means Chris and I have new friends!  Winning!Tears of joy on the first day of Kindergarten from StayFitMom.com.
  2. Routine.  I can officially tell you what day of the week it is now.  This is HUGE.  We pack lunches, we walk to school, we have after school sports, and most importantly…we have early bed times!
  3. Quality Time.  Kindergarten is 6 hours long, so I actually miss my kid.  When Siege gets home from school, I can’t wait to hear how his day went.  We practice letter fluency, play outside, and these brothers actually LOVE on each other.  I knew they had it in them.Tears of joy on the first day of Kindergarten from StayFitMom.com.

Siege is flourishing.  Chris and I both loved school, so it has been exciting to see that he loves it too.  He’s made us so proud just in these first few weeks.

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