Counting Macros with your Husband

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Stay Fit Mom serves a lot of women on their macro journey and we often hear questions about how to get the husbands involved.  Counting Macros with your husband can definitely benefit you both in huge ways.

Before we get into the tips, it’s important to keep the following in mind.  You and your spouse should both be independently self motivated. You’ll be able to lean on one another, give encouragement, and hold each other accountable, of course, but it takes grit and commitment on the part of the individual to see it through.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. It’s important to know the difference between letting your husband have his own journey and learning how to support him in his journey.

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Dad Bod Macro Coaching with Stay Fit Mom
  1. Communicate a plan for your meals. Think about this like you would your budget meeting. You both attend, and you both contribute. Between managing work life, school, and kids extra curricular activities, you’re basically running a full-on business between the two of you. Getting your meals in order will take some initial work on the front end, but will help your ship sail much smoother in the end!  You have the opportunity to save money by cooking more at home instead of eating out at the last minute. Be sure to answer all of the following questions during your planning session. 
    1. What meals are you having for dinner this week?  
    2. What upcoming events do you have? 
    3. What is the plan for your lunches?  
    4. What meals are you cooking in advance?  
    5. When can the two of you carve out time for meal prep so that the rest of the week runs smoother?  

Keep in mind, we are here to help with so much of this!  Every single month our Ninja Insiders (all coaching clients included) can grab the monthly meal plan!  Not a coaching client, join Ninja Insider HERE

Macro friendly Dinner Meal Plan

Working outside of the home?  Grab our Meal Prep Cookbook HERE for 45+ delicious 5 day meal prep recipes!  We have lots of Macro friendly cookbooks available to help make this process as easy as possible for you!

SFM macro cookbooks making macro tracking easy!
  1. Divide and conquer- cook together! Once you’ve got your meals planned, it’s time to order your groceries, get in the kitchen, and divide & conquer.  Grilling/cooking a big batch of meat to have pre-cooked protein sources on hand, for the two of you, will make all the difference. While one’s grilling the other can work on grab and go carbs: cut up fruit, cooked rice, pasta noodles, etc. If you’re not cooking in advance, but have a plan for dinner that night, get as much as you can prepared in advance (even if that means laying out your cookware).
Tips for tracking macros with your husband.
  1. Share meals with each other in MyFitnessPal and adjust as needed. If you’re eating the same meal, you both don’t need to do all the scanning and logging.  Learn exactly how to do this HERE. When you utilize diary sharing you can manipulate portion sizes easily to accommodate your own macros.
  1. Hold each other accountable to the plan. As simple as this sounds, sticking to the plan can be the hardest part.  It’s so much easier to cave to a night of eating out when your spouse is encouraging it.  Be the spouse that encourages sticking to the plan!
Tips for tracking macros with your husband.

Remember, as husband and wife, you’re on the same team.  Tracking your macros/monitoring your nutrition together is just one more way your family succeeds together. The rest of your family will benefit from your healthy choices. Think about ways you can go above and beyond to support each other.

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  1. I love this. I know when my husband and I work together on eating healthy and counting our macros we both do better.