Chuck E. Cheese Comes to Exhausted {Healthy} Mom’s Rescue… GIVEAWAY!!

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To say that my two boys are high energy would be the understatement of the year.  They have been this way since birth.  No, even in utero.  I used to get so frustrated, and even embarrassed when we’d go over to other mom’s houses for play dates and my two boys would find a way to mess up EVERY room in the house.  Why oh why couldn’t they just sit and color like the other kids?

Over time, I have come to appreciate and even embrace their wild side!  After all, my husband and I are extremely high energy ourselves, and to have expected our gene pool to have procreated anything other than Tasmanian devils, is almost laughable.

My boys WILL sit down at a dinner table for fine dining one day, but until then I am going to thank God for restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese that allow my crazy boys to get their energy out while I sit and take a breather.

If you think this healthy Stay Fit Mom is above Chuck E. Cheese, let me be the first to correct you.

The Top 3 Reasons a HEALHY MAMA brings her kids to Chuck E. Cheese…

1.  My kids have a smile on their face and they are completely entertained the ENTIRE time we are there.  Chuck E. Cheese {the mouse}, ranks right up there with Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, and Octonauts.

Happy kids at Chuck E. Cheese

2.  I don’t have to corral my kids or tell them to be quiet at Chuck E. Cheese.  In fact I can encourage them to be as WILD as they want to be.  Turns out the place is FILLED with Tasmanian Devils alike.  While this might sound terrifying to your friend or kid-less sister, I am with MY PEOPLE at Chuck E. Cheese.  Mothers of the Wild Child UNITE!

Keeping my kids Active at Chuck E. Cheese

3.  Not only are my kids happy, and free to make a ruckus at Chuck E. Cheese, but I can provide my kids with healthy options that won’t send them into cardiac arrest at 14.  Believe it or not, I could even stick to my Whole30 diet plan at Chuck E. Cheese with their impressive salad bar!  Chuck E. Cheese’s has a brand new menu that includes not only thin crust pizza options, but wraps and sandwiches!  You can learn more about Chuck E Cheese’s new menu here.

How to keep it healthy at Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese's got a new menu that includes wraps!

If you too are a mother of a wild child and would like just a little bit of a breather, you’re in for a treat!  Stay Fit Mom has paired up with Chuck E. Cheese, who has provided 3 FREE passes, for a giveaway!

You have 24 hours to enter the giveaway on Instagram.

All you have to do is follow @stayfitmomblog, follow @stayfitmom_com, comment, and tag two of your friends on our Chuck E. Cheese post on Instagram then you will be entered to WIN ALL THREE free Guest Passes for a playdate that is sure to score big points with your kiddos and your mommy friends!  Each guest pass comes with 1 large pizza, 4 soft drinks, and 30 game tokens for the whole family to enjoy.  The winner will be selected on February 14th at noon!

Chuck E Cheese Giveaway!

From one non judgmental mom to another, we hope that you get the breather you deserve at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Guest passes are good at any Chuck E. Cheese location.  The new menu is only offered at certain locations including, Las Vegas, Grand Rapids, St. Louis, San Antonio, and Dallas.

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