7 Reasons You Should Try Stay Fit Mom Macro Coaching With a BUDDY!!

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When I dropped my son off for kindergarten on the first day of school I was a nervous wreck.  I watched as he stood on the sidelines of the playground.  Some kids were flying down the slides, others were playing tag in the grass, but Milo was just watching it all cautiously.  Just one friend, I prayed silently as the bell rang and he marched into his classroom.  Just make one friend.

Krista was that friend for me growing up.  Heck, she still is. The idea of starting a blog from nothing was TERRIFYING, but it was a venture that sounded almost doable with Krista standing by my side.  She’s my account-a-buddy.  I knew I wouldn’t be nearly as successful going it alone.  And to this day I rely on her motivation to carry me through when I’m down.

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October is BUDDY month at Stay Fit Mom!

There are 7 Days until our next Stay Fit Mom Macro Nutrition Group Starts. Each day this week you can catch us on Instagram @stayfitmom_com & @stayfitmomblog highlighting our personal macro journeys, why it has changed our life, and more! Take a quick look at our 7 hot topics below!

1. Why and When We Started Macros– June 2016 we both took on the challenge of macros after having our 3rd babies.

2. Why Our Program is More Than Just A Diet– We want to see you succeed. We want to push you to do things you never thought you could, because despite your fears, we know that you can. We don’t inspire our clients by showing them how amazing we are.  We inspire them by showing them how amazing THEY are. We’re here to tell you, you can do hard things and proving this to yourself will empower you in more ways than one.

3. Our Results

4. Will macros work for anyone? YES, read more HERE.

5. What surprised you most about the Macro Diet? Guilt free flexibility! Who knew eating a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup everyday could lead to these kind of results?!

6. Why we don’t believe in templates and meal plans. There is no mold that fits  everyone and everybody likes to eat different things. Don’t give into the idea that you should be following and doing exactly as everyone else.

7. Why we believe in Coaching:   The Stay Fit Mom Macro Coaching program is tailored to each individual client’s needs.  Our coaches base these UNIQUE prescriptions and adjustments on caloric intake, goals, training schedule, emotional relationship with food, and stage of life for maximum RESULTS.  As a client’s weight and results change, their macros will change.  The one-on-one coaching allows us to see how their body responds to different macros each week.  A macro coach is able to make confident unbiased adjustments based on progress and food logs each and every week.

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