4 Mobility Exercises to Sneak into Your Busy Life

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I’ve never been one to pride myself in my flexibility. In fact, for most of my life I haven’t been able to even touch my toes. I remember dreading that P.E. sit-and-reach test, the one where everybody formed a line and watched as I publicly humiliated myself in a feeble attempt to just reach the box. C’mon 14 year old gangly legs!

As the years passed, my flexibility never got any better. Funny how that works- you don’t actually get better at something unless you make the effort. Then I started CrossFit and initially I felt my flexibility getting WORSE. All those deadlifts and squats put so much tension in my hamstrings, glutes and quads. I’m going to be 32 in a few days, but after some workouts I felt more like 72. This year I’ve been vigilant about mobilizing, mostly because my body went into rebellion. Thank you, patellar tendonitis.

Like most moms, I don’t have oodles of time, so I knew that I needed to build mobility into my routine. You know what this mama of three is doing on repeat? Laundry. So. Much. Laundry. I know that I have 3 children, but my laundry baskets have led me to believe that I have 9. I decided that laundry time has become my mobility time!

Laundry time = mobility time!

Between wrestling, outdoor fun, potty training, and CrossFit we put a detergent to the test! I need clean, comfortable and worry free! all® Free Clear Odor Relief is my go-to detergent for our family’s active lifestyle. It’s the perfect option for sensitive skin and 100% free of dyes and perfumes.

Laundry time = mobility time!

While doing laundry doesn’t always make me smile like this, knowing that all® Free Clear Odor Relief is a trusted, reliable brand with an incredible value gives me peace of mind. Start a load and sneak these 4 mobility exercises into your busy life without sacrificing any more time!

4 Mobility Exercises to Sneak Into Your Busy Life by StayFitMom.com.

  1. Saddle Pose. This pose gets a 5 star rating. I’ve tried lots of different stretches to help my annoying patellar tendonitis and this has helped it the most! I set a timer, yes a timer, otherwise I’ll move through each position far too quickly. 5 minutes is most ideal. But without a timer my 5 minutes turns into 30 seconds. I love to do this stretch in my CrossFit classes because it can be modified for any level of flexibility. I’m just showing off here (take that sit-and-reach test), but if you don’t have the flexibility to lay on your back, place an object behind you to lean on.
  2. Forward Fold. This is a Personal RECORD, folks. Mid-shin used to be my range of motion, but not anymore! Again with the timer, set it for 5 minutes. Placing a cushion or blanket under your butt might feel more comfortable for you. Relax your belly and fall deeper into the stretch as time passes.4 Mobility Exercises to Sneak Into Your Busy Life by StayFitMom.com.
  3. Seated Straddle. I love using props around the house to anchor my body down. This not only feels great on the hamstrings, but also the lower back.4 Mobility Exercises to Sneak Into Your Busy Life by StayFitMom.com.
  4. Pigeon. Not only is this stretch great for the glutes and hips, but it’s also a stretch that helps to relieve tension and stress for me. A great one to try before bed!4 Mobility Exercises to Sneak Into Your Busy Life by StayFitMom.com.

The next time you’ve got a load of laundry to do, get out your bottle of all® Free Clear Odor Relief and then get to mobilizing! There’s a decent chance you’ll increase your flexibility AND your body will thank you for using a detergent that combines the power of stainlifters® with a hypoallergenic formula that’s perfect for sensitive skin!

Laundry time = mobility time!

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  1. Busy life isn’t always the trouble with me, it’s more of a lack of motivation really. But I do like these exercises, will give them a try!