1 Minute Station Workout

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Don’t think. Just do! I love a workout that allows me to shut off my brain and just go and this is that! This workout session is designed to challenge your strength, endurance, and agility with five dynamic exercises. You’ll move through one-minute stations of goblet squats, sumo deadlift high pulls, push presses, box jumps, and weighted sit-ups. Each exercise targets different muscle groups, ensuring a comprehensive full-body workout. So, grab your weights, clear some space, and get ready to sweat! Find all of our minimal equipment workouts here.

Woman doing a goblet squat.

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Workout Description

Prior to the workout set up each one minute station. At the start of the workout complete as many goblet squats (with one 25 lb dumbbell) as you can in 1 minute. Then complete as many Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (with one 25 lb dumbbell in each hand) as you can in one minute. Next complete as many push press (with two 20 lb dumbbells) as you can in one minute. Then complete as many box jumps as you can in 1 minute. Next complete as many weighted sit ups (with one 25 lb dumbbell) as you can in one minute. Rest 1 minute. Complete this sequence two more times for a total of three rounds.

Equipment Needed

Modification Options

Beginner: Reduce the dumbbell weight to 10 to 15 pounds for the squats, Sumo Deadlift High Pull and Weighted Sit-ups and 5 to 8 pounds for the push press. Pick a weight that allows you to maintain a steady pace and good form. Swap box jumps for step-ups.

Advanced: Increase weight on the dumbbell to 35 to 45 lbs.

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