Weighted Sit-ups Workout

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Ready to transform your workout routine with a powerful trio of exercises? Weighted sit-ups, push-ups, and box jumps will target your core, upper body, and legs, offering a balanced and intense full-body workout. Whether you’re aiming to build strength, enhance endurance, or simply shake up your exercise regimen, this combination promises to deliver results and it’s for all fitness levels. Find all of our minimal equipment workouts here.

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Workout Description

At the start of the workout complete 20 push-ups, then 30 box jumps, then 40 weighted sit-ups (with one 20 lb dumbbell). Rest 5 minutes. Then complete the same sequence but in reverse. 40 weighted sit-ups (with one 20 lb dumbbell), 30 box jumps, and finish the workout with 20 push-ups.

Equipment Needed

Modification Options

Beginner: Modify push-ups to an elevated surface or do push-ups on your knees. Swap box jumps for step-ups. Reduce the dumbbell weight to 10 lbs on the weighted sit-ups.

Advanced: Increase dumbbell sit-up weight to 35lbs.

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