Prioritize Yourself and You’ll Be a Better Mom…My Experience with Kaia Fit

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Prioritize yourself?  What’s that?

I remember getting on the treadmill for the first time after having my oldest child, Brett.  Not only did I think my body would never feel normal again, but I thought workouts would never be my time to escape or even be enjoyable.  He would start crying for no reason, his pacifier would fall out of his mouth, he needed a diaper change, he spit up all over himself, the list goes on for how any times I would have to stop my workout to take care of him.  Getting myself on that treadmill after a long night of interrupted sleep was hard enough, having to stop and get started again every few minutes was making me crazy!  I asked myself over and over why I was even bothering with it?  My job was now to be a mother and worrying about getting my pre-pregnancy body back seemed just plain selfish and unfair to my child.

Why Working out and Staying Healthy Makes Me a Better Mom

I have grown and learned a lot since then about what being a mother is all about.  I want to share with you my thoughts on making yourself a priority and why it will make you a better mom.

Have you heard the saying, if mommy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy? This is the TRUTH.  If I don’t stick to my diet goals or get my workout in for the day I am just plain grouchy and not a pleasant person to be around.  This doesn’t go over well for anyone in my home, especially my innocent kids.  Most things I do are to make my kids happy and make sure they grow up in a happy home.  This I’ve learned all starts with me and my attitude.  I need to make sure I set aside time for me to keep my mood up stress levels down, and to simply keep my sanity.

Take the time to workout and you'll be a better mom.

I don’t know about you, but I have found that the days I workout I tend to have much more energy.  This means more energy for playing with my kids, cooking a healthy meal, and keeping a tidy home.  These are all things that directly effect my little ones.

Being a mother means being a role model.  I find it extremely important to show my kids now that working out is a priority in life.  This isn’t something that can simply be taught, it must be shown.  Wether you’re working out where your kids can watch or just the fact that the kids see you leaving for the gym everyday is what leaves the biggest impression on their little minds.  When my kids are crying and pulling at my clothes as I try to do some meal prepping for the week I once again remind myself that it’s ok to take this time.   I will have more time to spend with them in the evenings after work all week because of good planning.


Lastly, I want to be around for my children now and in the future.  To me this means being able to actually do Take the time to workout and you'll be a better mom.things with my kids.  I like to play on the playground, jump on the trampoline, swim in the pool, and chase my kids around the yard.  I also want to live a long life and watch my kids have kids of their own.  Dying of heart disease does not fit well into my plans.

I think a lot of moms tend to feel guilty about taking time away from their children to go to the gym or go on a much need girls night to the spa.  Whatever it is, remember that everything you do to take care of yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically is not only benefiting you, but making you a better mother for your children.

I want to look into these all women Kaia FIT classes...looks fun!

I had an opportunity recently to get out of the house for the evening and meet up with some local women and try Kaia F.I.T. Las Vegas.  Kaia F.I.T. is all about creating strong and fit women.  The business is rapidly growing here in Las Vegas so we wanted to see for ourselves what the hype is all about.  Let me first say, the girls and coaches were extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in.  The whole workout was explained and demonstrated step by step so I knew exactly what to do.  I happened to be there on a partner night and let me say, this was really fun!  All the exercises required us to either work together or use each other to perform an exercise.  All the exercises were challenging enough for me and also modifiable when needed.  It was fun to workout with all women and to experience the  encouragement they all gave one another.  I left Kaia F.I.T that night with a great attitude and a sore core! Thanks Kaia F.I.T. Las Vegas for the awesome class!

Kaia FIT2


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